: ADVICE welcomed by driver of BLS from Motorpoint

03-11-10, 08:23 PM
Hi -A couple of qweeks or so ago, I agreed to the purchase of a Cadillac BLS 1.9d (180) 5 dr station wagon 6 speed manual elegance with 9 delivery miles from Motorpoint in Derby after viewing a similar vehicle but the automatic version. The car I purchased was brought up from Motorpopint in Peterborough on a transporter and I took delivery on 2nd March. The car had its first decent run when I viisited my daughter in the Lake District and it seems absolutely fine. I remain confused though about the information given by Motorpoint concerning the warranty - I was told that the vehicle came with the residue of a 24 month manufacturer's warranty which commenced in January 2010. I spoke to the Service Manager at the Cadilac Main Agency in Birmingham and was told that providing that the vehicle was first registered in my name (which Motorpoint agreed to do) then GM would give a full 3 year or 60000 miles warranty from the date of first registration. This seems quite contrary to what Motorpoint told me. My car left the factory in Sweden mid-2008 so, like other BLS vehicles sold by Motorpoint, it has stood unused for some considerable time. I noticed on taking delivery, just as another member who purchaased a BLS from Motorpoint remarked, the chrome trim above and below the side windows was a tad cloudy. I initially polished this with Duraglit wadding and then gave the entire vehicle's paint and chrome the two stage diamond-brite treatment and it now looks superb. Three things that other Cadillac BLS owners might be able to help me with at this juncture:
1. Am I entitled to the Roadside Assistance/Recovery referred to in the back of the Service book or is that just for people buying their vehicle from a main agent (and not at a discounted price from a car supermarket)?
2. Should Motorpoint have stamped the service book to indicate that they did a pre-delivery check on the vehicle (which they levied a charge for).
3. My vehicle came with ordinary wheel bolts all none locking. To discourage theft of my alloy wheels, I enquired about obtaining a set of 4 locking wheel studs from a main agent but they were very expensive - nearly 80 plus postage. Locking wheel bolts for the Saab 9-3 wagon are available on ebay at a fraction of this cost. Will these fit? My existing bolts have a tapered collar. What size locking bolts do I need - in terms of thread size, bolt length and pitch of taper?

Any advice, gratefully received,
PS As I was eager to elicit a response from members with simliar buying experience, I also posted this message in response to two existing threads which I hope hasn't broken any rules!

03-12-10, 02:37 AM
Hi Cailean,

I bought my BLS from Truro diesels in Dec 2009.
The same rules apply for all new cars,wherever purchased,I would've thught. Mine has the front of the service book stamped by the selling dealer ( non Cadillac ). This should DEFINITELY be stamped to entitle your warranty!
Mine had been standing also and I was the person who commented on cloudy trim. A minor issue for the money though.
I have sent off my roadside assistance section in the back of my book and I do expect to be eligible for it. The address has been revised in my book with a sticker.
As for the locking nuts, I already have them as supplied.
Good luck.
Best Wishes,

03-12-10, 03:25 AM
Hi Kevin - Thanks for that information. I shall contact Motorpoint re. stamping page 20 of the service book to indicate that they carried out a PDI which I am assuming they did as the receipt indicated a charge for this. Having said that, on receipt of the vehicle I found that the tyres were markedly under-inflated with only 28psi in each tyre and the DIC was advising that a service was due. I had to re-set that myself after reading the handbook to find out how! I'll also apply for the free breakdown assistance and ask Motorpoint to stamp page 29 of the service book to indicate warranty start date. I don't suppose you have had cause to remove a locking wheel stud but if you do so, please let me know whether yours has a wobbley (i.e. loose) collar to provide the conical taper or whether the bolt is one piece with the taper being part of the moulded head of the bolt and how long is the bolt thread (from stud tip to bottom of taper). I understand that if studs are too long they can foul the brake disc. I suspect that M12B studs for a Saab 9-3 station wagon would fit my Cadillac BLS wagon but I'd lke to find out for certain before ordering off the internet (ebay).

03-12-10, 12:06 PM
Hi Cailean,take the book back to Motorpoint for stamping.I had no problem but why could this not be completed upon delivery amazes me.I have a similar issue with wheelnuts and bought these.The black Saab spare wheelnut covers are identical to BlS.Can anyone confirm if these locking nuts look "right".


I believe recovery is available and a couple of telephone numbers have been posted on this forum.I have also sent the recovery booklet page and await a reply from the Netherlands.I arranged a recovery callout but cancelled as not needed.My mistake,long story.

03-12-10, 02:15 PM
Hi Mazuk, Thanks for your informative response to my post on the Cadillac Owners' forum. I spoke to Motorpoint aftersales this afternoon about the so-called PDI complaining that they hadn't re-set the DIC leaving it calling for a service every time the ignition was switched on, that they had released the car to me with severely under-inflated tyres and the service book left unstamped. The woman I spoke to said Motorpoint did not stamp service books, that what they did wasn't actually a PDI but merely a safety check! Hmmm. Some safety check.... I think the person who blew the tyres up mistook 2.8 bar for 28 psi! She said the PDI was done by the manufacturer when the vehicle left the factory (bear in mind this was in June 2008) and that service books often weren't stamped for the PDI and it made no difference to the warranty. Not very happy about it and am wondering which Motorpoint you got your vehicle from. Mine was bought at Motorpoint in Derby although the car was orginally at Motorpoint in Peterborough and brought up to Derby for me on a transporter. I took delivery on March 2nd. Still awaiting te log book showing myself as first registered keeper which I requested as a condition of sale. My car reg. isn't yet being recognised by DVLA computer system so the Service Manager at the Cadillac Main Agent in Birmingham hasn't yet been able to register my vehicle for warranty as he has promised to do. Out of interest can you tell me which Motorpoint you bought your vehicle from and would you mind me mentioning your name and saying to Motorpoint that they stamped your service book (presumably on pages 20 and 29) so why are they declining to stamp mine? You can contact me direct by email if that's easier - cailean.jackson@ntlworld.com
Thank you again,
user name Cailean
Real name Colin Jackson

03-12-10, 03:04 PM
Cailean,email sent.

03-13-10, 07:10 AM
Regarding the locking wheel nuts I had to buy a replacement set - ebay have a number of the same ones - vauxhall product reference 93173882.

These were identical to the original set.

03-18-10, 04:27 AM
Thanks for letting me know about the locking wheel nuts - I ordered a set on ebay - just 13 inc. postage - genuine GM part - a huge saving on the price quoted by the Cadillac Main Agent. Fitted them yesterday - now awaiting the arrival of a set of bolt head covers to complete the job!

I got in touch again wih Mortorpoint and, rather less than enthusiastically I'm bound to say, they have now agreed to stamp the service book on the PDI pages.

03-20-10, 07:41 AM
Hi guys, total newbie to the site here.

I've just bought my black Caddy from Truro Diesels. Had it for just over a week now. Everything I expected and more. Totally painless experience and the drive there to pick it up was so worth it. The drive back was fantastic, don't think I stopped smiling all the way. Little puzzled by the apparent lack of manuals from those who've purchased from Motorpoint. Mine came with all the manuals, free torch, tyre gauge kit from Cadillac, locking wheel nuts already fitted etc etc. I was under the impression that these cars should have everthing with them when they are sent out to receiving dealers? I haven't yet taken action to ensure I'm registered with the AA for the 3 year breakdown recovery, though Truro Diesels assured me that all would be ok, just need to phone the specific telephone number supplied with the paperwork should I need the cover. Just for further interest, I bought an "as new" space saver wheel from my local scrapyard pulled from a two year old wrecked Saab 93. Exact tyre and wheel size as stated in the Cadillac manual. Cost me 40 quid. Have pulled the polystyrene tray out and screwed the wheel in. Beats messing about with the tyre foam should I get a puncture.

03-20-10, 01:30 PM

all these new BLS owners and no ones posting and showing off pictures of there pride and joys, come on guys lets see them....