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Spectre Performance announces invitation-only hill climb road race challenge where the fastest street cars on earth will race up infamous Nevada Highway 341

When: June 25-26, 2010
Where: Nevada Highway 341, South of Virginia City, NV

Ontario, Calif. (Feb. 5, 2010) – Spectre Performance is proud to announce the return of road racing competition to one of the most infamous and challenging mountain roads in America – Nevada Highway 341 – for The 1st annual Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge. The race, scheduled for June 25-26, 2010, will pit the world’s fastest street cars against the clock in a full-throttle blast up a mountain road, which will be closed to the public for the event. The exclusive invitation-only challenge will include Pro-Touring Street Machines, European Exotics, and Highly-Tuned Imports competing for a chance to be crowned King of the Hill.

The Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge is a rare opportunity to drive flat-out on some of the most aggressive and challenging mountain roads in the country, without the worry of oncoming traffic or law enforcement. The course is 5.2 miles long with 22+ turns, a 1,216-foot rise in elevation, steep drop offs and no guardrails! Vehicles must be street-legal and registered; no purpose-built kit or race cars will be allowed. Tires must be DOT legal with at least 3/32″ tread depth and a minimum 100 tread wear rating. Qualifying is scheduled for Friday, June 25th. Racing is set for Saturday the 26th.

“We are always looking for ways to go faster, to prove our parts at maximum velocity,” says Spectre Performance founder Amir Rosenbaum. “We autocross and road race our muscle cars and set a 330mph Land Speed Record at Bonneville last year; but to this day one of the most demanding and exhilarating events I’ve ever participated in was the Virginia City Hill Climb. The Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge will bring that excitement back, but with the addition of muscle, exotic and import cars competing against each other it will be an incredible event. We are also very lucky to have FM3 Marketing onboard to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

The original Virginia City Hill Climb was founded in 1972 and ran through 2002. Rosenbaum holds the all time record for the event, running the course in three minutes, ten seconds in a modified Ferrari F40. The Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge will also include a Media Shootout, pitting magazine editors against bloggers and forum members in a project car challenge. Invites will be issued soon and more information will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.

Celebrating its 26th anniversary, Spectre Performance designs, manufactures and sells high performance hpR™ air filters, ProFab™ cold air intakes and automotive accessories engineered and tested in the most extreme conditions on earth for maximum performance, durability and style. Look for Spectre products at all major automotive parts stores and performance part retailers. To learn more about The Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge or to find a dealer near you, visit us online at www.SpectrePerformance.com or: Spectre Performance, 1720 S. Carlos Ave. Ontario, CA 91761 or call (909) 673-9800.

For the first time since 2002 this race will be held on public roads! If I had the car and the balls I'd be all over this. hell I'd settle of a helicopter on race day for some aerial coverage :cool2:. for more information check out the history on their web site. http://www.spectre341challenge.com/about/history/

I'd love to see some V spec's or XLR's out there.

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This better be on TV!

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Damn, I'd love to do that.

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Unsure if the specific race itself was canceled back in 2002 but the ferrari and shelby clubs have been doing this annually for awhile. In fact they're scheduled for Sep 18 (http://www.visitvirginiacitynv.com/CalenderProject/CalenderEditEvent.aspx?eventID=673) this year. One of the suspension vendors I use for my mustang has some pretty good footage of the run and pulled 1.5Gs :o http://www.gr40.com/media/videos/07_Hill_Climb.html