: Cargo mat

03-09-10, 02:06 PM
I have my 3rd row seats removed and am thinking of getting a rubber cargo mat.
Any recommendations? GM has one they sell for $100. Anything better that is available after market?

03-09-10, 08:58 PM

A little more expensive than the GM one but WeatherTech's stuff is very good quality. Plus these have the bulge for the seat guides & it looks like GM's dont.

03-09-10, 09:49 PM
I have the weathertech and am very happy with it. I also cut the indented sections so that I could leave it in place with the seats in.

03-11-10, 11:37 PM
Stay away from the GM tray..it's garbage..I have one..ordered it so had to take it.It comes rolled up and shipped in a 6" box and takes 6 months to fully finally flatten.
Get the Weathertech..great stuff !!

Oh and the cargo area shade..the roller type from Caddie rattles..this can be fixed with shims but disappointing

03-16-10, 10:10 AM
Had many and Weathertech is the best, if you need liners for the driver and passenger sides the Husky ones are great for the deep snow and water

03-21-10, 04:13 AM
yeah but Weathertech colors are NOT what they claim to be- i have tan interior, and i expected a light colored beige/tan mat and got a darker brown one that doesnt match at all... great mat, crappy color. a little disappointed....

03-21-10, 06:33 AM
I have tan interior in my 03', the cargo mat was darker for sure, the strange thing is I had several different liners/mats for the driver and passenger from different manufacturers, still have some, and they were all darker too, like brown color dark, I guess tan was or is a problem. :(

Big Windy Ext
03-21-10, 07:13 AM
Two thumbs up for Weathertech , I had one cargo liner last in three Suburbans. Color was black so it wasn't an issue .

03-28-10, 11:41 PM
Agreed. Installed mine today. Wish they made one to match our interior.

03-29-10, 12:19 PM
Nice... I like that.

03-31-10, 12:09 PM
That really looks good. I am gonna get me a black one of those!!