: 1985 deville (elc relays)

03-08-10, 05:43 PM
how many relays does this cadillac have for the elc? i see what looks like a relay on the compressor mount, is that for the elc? i know there is one under the dash, and two fuses. i want to hook the elc back up, i have two new delco air shock and new springs, i hooked the compressor back up and now it does not come on, however the level light come on in the car when you start it up. when i was hooking up the wires i touched the compressor mounting bracket with the black wire and saw a spark, i'm thinking maybe now i have a bad fuse or relay. i'll get this thing to work again, i hope thanks

03-08-10, 06:40 PM
update, just checked the fuses, #14 elc batt 20amp fuse was bad, after replacement of fuse the leveling light cycles correctly after car is started, however the pump did not because its not connected, if fuse #14 is bad will it prevent the pump from coming on? the fuse most likely was fried when i was messing with the pump wiring. now all i have to do is figure out where the four wires from the pump get connected to the car. the pump is not from a 85 deville, i beleive its from maybe a 87/88, the wiring is slightly different on the pump (black, green, and two orange wires) the car has (one red, one white, one yellow and one black wire). any idea would be greatly appreciated

03-09-10, 10:24 PM
update, the compressor does work however i was having trouble with the level sensor not turning on the compressor, the level light would come on but the compressor would not, i was able to make the compressor run all the time ignition off the only way to shut it off would be to pull the elc fuse, then i thought if i get this thing to run all the time let me get a toggle switch and operated manually when needed, went to radio shack and got a nice toggle switch/ wire and all needed items, $16.00 worth. mounted the switch under the dash very professional looking and looks great. the only thing is if you put to much air in you have to pop the hood and detach the air hose to release some pressure, not bad its better then not having the level system not working at all and draging my trunk around town. this car does have brand new springs and strats all the way around and rides good. does anybody now high much air the system should have in it and how high the back should be for the best possible ride, also where should i messure the height (ex moulding behind the rear wheel well?). thanks for reading mike