: CEL 1074 on my new V

Red Snake
03-06-10, 09:35 PM
Just had the car for about a week. It is a "New" 2008 (dealership demo'd it for 4000 miles).

I have put about 750 miles on it and today I get a CEL. Was just cruising at around 75 on the interstated when it set.

I ran it with my code reader and got 0174. I cleared it off and it returned immediately at start up. Cleared it again and again. It reset each time.

Any thoughts? I am not happy that this thing has to go back to the dealership already. :mad2:

Bee iLL
03-07-10, 09:43 AM
too lean on bank 2. check your MAF to make sure its seated properly and no dirt has built up there. probably a bad o2 sensor. Just read somewhere that it could also be a vaccum leak downstream from the MAF

Red Snake
03-07-10, 09:34 PM

After 3 cold starts the CEL cleared, which I find weird because I cleared the code off with my code reader 3 times and it came back each time.:cookoo:

I had the car out 3 times today and no CELs. I have an appointment at the stealership scheduled for tomorrow but I think I'll cancel it now and wait to see if the CEL sets again. :annoyed: