: Misfiring and Surging 2000 Seville

03-06-10, 08:20 PM
A few weeks ago my 2000 Seville (NorthStar} developed an intermittent miss and the engine check light appeared. On the Dashboard diagnostics, it revealed a current code P0385 which suggested the Crankshaft Position Sensors were suspect.
I live in New Zealand so I had these shipped from the U.S. and with some difficulty and frustration installed them. The car ran better than it has for many years for a couple of days, then suddenly started missing and surging the engine check light appearing once again displaying code P0335 the manual suggesting that the "A" (CKP) Sensor is still faulty. Is the "A "Sensor at the top and the "B" Sensor beneath or vice versa ?
Is it likely that one of these new Sensors are faulty or do I need to do something else. The engine is now running far worse than it was prior to replacing the sensors.



Please help there are few experts with these engines here.

03-06-10, 09:38 PM
I am not sure which is which, but it's unlikely you got a bad sensor. Are you sure you got the connectors on good and tight and that there was no oil on the connections?

Might also check the plenum for a leak. Pretty common on 2000+ engines. Do a search for "plenum". Been covered many, many times.

03-06-10, 09:45 PM
Thanks, What is the Plenum? Yes pretty sure I got them on good and tight, but will check again. What about this CKP learning procedure that is mentioned frequently on this site. Can I do that using the Dashboard Diagnostic set up as I dont have a Scan Tool ?


03-06-10, 09:56 PM
The plenum is the rubber coupler between the TB and the manifold. It tends to crack and develop a leak over time.

I think the CKP relearn can only be done at a dealer unless you have a $3500 Tech II scanner. Most people do not require the relearn though.

03-07-10, 09:39 AM
B is the top, A is the bottom, and as you discovered, they will only go in one way. One is black, the other gray (new series from DENSO, Japan). You should not require a relearn, and as Ranger posted, that is done with a GM Tech-II tool only. Check your connections and wiring - the harness may have been pulled and pushed enough to contact the front exhaust manifold or piping. The 10mm bolts need to be snug - don't try to wring them off.

Click on the diagram to enlarge.............

(BTW, the superseded sensors were made by Siemens in Mexico - one is black, the other is tan.)

You can get new air dam/splash shield push rivets from Luke in Parts at Lindsay Cadillac, over there >>>>> M-F, 9-5, EST (GMT+5)
PM him from the Vendor threads at the top of the main Forums page.

03-07-10, 03:20 PM
Thanks for the info, I guess you are saying that the Harness may have contacted the Manifold and heat has caused a dis or a short, that is possible I suppose as it is certainly difficult to work in that area. Being as the motor ran well following installation, it surprised me that a relearn maybe required.
Why do I need new splash shield rivets ? The book says that code P0335 points to no signals from Sensor A. So I guess I look at the bottom one first which is ceratainly easier to get at ? Thinking about it it must be running presently on one sensor, and only on Time or Angle pulses instaed of both, am I right ? Thanks again Submariner 409.

03-07-10, 03:49 PM
Sub mentioned the push rivets in case you break them. Just pry the center out and then pull them and you should be OK. When you reinstall them you put them in the hole and then push the center pin you dried out flush with the head.