: Exhaust Issues loosing HP!!

03-06-10, 03:27 PM
Guys I was getting to know me new baby and changing here over to Amsoil when I noticed the driver side exhaust pipe is like flattened over a 16Ē section or so and the passenger side is not like that! This has to be killing the flow on that side for sure. Have you guys seen this? Have you guys installed new exhaust all the way back from the manifolds? I thought about doing this but I donít want the car much louder than stock. Is there a big difference with an exhaust swap? Iím sure after my Wait4me hand held programmer and the lower pulley and cold air intake it will be more than enough power so not really looking for more but man that pipe so just SO freaking flatÖ. What were they thinking???:cookoo:

03-06-10, 03:37 PM
That is the infamous crimp and is fixed via Jesse 3" exhaust. Not sure what they were thinking. I think it had to to do with clearance issues of components above the pipe. Regardless, you have found something we all are familiar with.

Copies of original exhaust, notice the left pipe near the manifold and Jesse exhaust. His has much much less of a crimp. Remember, you do not want to hear pipe against metal so some degree of flattening is required.





Gary Wells
03-06-10, 04:38 PM
In addition to Jesse's (wait4me) exhaust piping, there's also Kooks and American Racing's headers, and additionally, I believe that maybe Borla is considering making and marketing headers. However, I have heard that the factory headers are pretty good themselves. Also D3 made up some exhaust pipes for Mas, I believe.

03-06-10, 07:21 PM
Stay tuned, guys. In about a week, I should have more info on Borla's new sport exhaust system. I also noticed the exhaust system's flat pipe on the driver's side which made no sense to me why GM wouldn't want to maximize power output on the car.

After speaking with Borla's R&D department yesterday in depth, it looks like they may have a sport and touring exhaust system.

The touring system will most likely be similar to Corsa's muffler kit, but I won't know for sure until they give me all the final details.

The sport system will be for those like me that want the maximum amount of power. The sport system will be a complete cat-back system and will replace the restrictive flat piping on the driver's side and the rear cats.

I have already given them feedback that I feel the exhaust should NOT be too loud inside the car, if at all and for them to design the system to be a bit louder than stock outside the car with power being the main focus. I would like a nice throaty exhaust as long as there isn't resonance inside the car that causes headaches.

I should have final dyno numbers, video/sound clips in about a week. They are building the actual jig for the CTS-V exhaust right now and they will be installing the full cat-back system on my car by next Friday. Once they have the drawings, measurements and jigs done, it should go to production and on the market within a month or so from that point.

03-06-10, 10:18 PM
The flattened section is definitely there on auto trans cars to clear a corner of the trans pan. From the looks of the Wait4Me exhaust on a manual trans car, it doesn't look like the flattened section is needed to clear a manual trans, but it may be there regardless to save the cost of having separate parts for different transmissioned cars. D3 did fab a custom 2.5" mandrel cat-back for me, but it's hard to say how much it contributed on its own; with the stock airbox mod and Corsa Tourings, she's putting down 525 with a dyno tune.

03-07-10, 12:01 AM
i have jesse's pipes and they don't look like that. is that a second generation? maybe if i had that version it would solve the issues i have with his pipes

03-07-10, 12:17 PM
Hmm, have no idea. Sorry. I took another look at Jesse's exhaust video when I was researching whether there would be any clearance problems without the flattened section in place. As I was looking at how he routed the pipes, I asked myself how he was able to clear the trans housing so well--then I realized I was looking at a manual transmissioned car.

Keeping the 2.5" pipe round literally costs me about half the diameter of the pipe in ground clearance--a little over an inch because of the way its routed and tucked, which I'm okay with since, to my eyes, that's about how low the stock primary cats sit at their stock location.

Mike 09 V
03-07-10, 12:35 PM
In the video showing Jess's system on the red V you can hear pipes rattling. I wonder if that is fixed?

03-08-10, 10:31 AM
I have wait for me exhaust from when he forst made them, and I have no rattling...


03-08-10, 06:01 PM
mine are rattle free as well