: Ext tailgate

03-05-10, 09:26 PM
.I shut my tail gate and gave it a pull to be sure and seemed fine. Went to climb on the back and grab it to pull my self up. It opened up.
Slammed it, and gave a good pull it opened again. So I lubed up the contact.
Slammed it good and it locked. Has anybody had this problem? Go out and give your tailgate a good pull.

03-05-10, 10:19 PM
It may be the latch. Sometimes they rust and the arms inside that move left and right get rusty and they won't move completely,thus it will not lock properly.

If it is under warranty they may just go ahead and replace the latch and this should solve your problem. It will continue to get worse over time to the point where it will not stay shut at all.

GM tailgates are known for this. Hope this helps.