: Overheating-head gaskets-screw it!!!

08-17-04, 05:56 PM
Wanted to let you guys know that I finally gave up and traded the car in on a truck!! After the last go-round with the radiator (which wasn't plugged), I just decided to throw in the towel, need a truck anyhow. However, before I did I got most of the parts from the dealership where I bought the car and have them for sale on Ebay. Head gaskets/bolts, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, throttle body gasket, and timeserts - figure about $200 for everything. If interested, look under "bobvondutch" or email me at vondutch@usachoice.net.
I really want to thank everyone for their help, especially zonie and bbob. Funny part is I took a 600+ mile trip last week, up to 80 mph on the interstate with no problem. Traded it in, the salesman took me home in it and it overheated on him on the way back to the dealership, going uphill - I think he had his foot in it!! Anyhow, good luck to everyone on this forum, been nice talking with you guys. Thanks again.

08-18-04, 09:13 PM
Bob where in PA is the caddy?
I'm looking for a fixer upper for my wife.