: Splash guards

03-05-10, 07:47 AM
Are folks out there running splash guards on the front and the back? Can anyone pls post pics.
What are the pro and cons of splash guards?

03-05-10, 10:00 AM
I purchased a pair for the front and back. Keeps dirt and grime off my running boards and lower door panels. I bought Husky brand and they look great but are difficult to install!!! I'll try and get some pics posted........

03-05-10, 10:21 AM

Depending on the color of your truck some colors come from the factory and others need to be painted to match. Check E-Bay and you can some times find them much cheaper, I had a set that I did not like how they looked and sold them on E-Bay, and sold a set to a memeber on the site too. Have too many Escalade's. :)

03-05-10, 10:42 AM
pics of my splashguard, it comes pre-painted in black or white only.

Robert (GA)
03-05-10, 02:36 PM
First time I drove my ESV in the rain my running boards turned red from some fine Georgia clay. I had the contour GM mud flaps put on, problem solved.

03-09-10, 01:51 PM
Thx for your replies. Are the contoured GM splash guards the way to go? Does the dealer have to drill holes for them?

03-09-10, 11:09 PM
I would use the existing holes and it held the splash guards without any problem. you don't even have to remove the wheels and for the front, just turn it for easy access.

02-14-14, 12:49 PM
Has anyone installed front splash guards with moving running boards?

02-14-14, 09:34 PM
Check out is threads you see my truck on there!!

Anyone with OEM splash guards and 22's?

02-14-14, 10:08 PM
There have been some installed with the auto running boards, people have had to slide the boards back an inch or so to make them work.