: 99 Deville vs 06 Frontier

03-05-10, 12:27 AM
So my buddy claims that his 06 Frontier will beat me in a quarter mile and i have shown him that my time is statistically better than his. However, he and all our friends claim that his truck will best me. All i have is a magnaflow exhaust which i know doesn't do anything and his truck is bone stock. I try to tell him that N* will spank him but no one is in my corner. Am i wrong on this one? Anyone please tell me the truth once and for all haha. I've been told so many times that i'd lose that i'm starting to rethink my position. save me

03-12-10, 08:45 PM
Is his Frontier the NISMO version?

03-12-10, 08:54 PM
Without finding any 0-60 times for the Frontiers, I can't make a final say, but I know those 4.0's put out like 265hp and they've got the low end grunt that the Northstar doesn't. But...his is a truck, with a smaller motor, two less cylinders, less horsepower and torque and it's much less aerodynamic. So I'd say you'd beat him.

03-12-10, 11:46 PM
I work for Nissan and have driven the Frontiers a few times, I also have driven a few N*s that have come through the shop. IMHO if his truck is stock you will beat him in a 1/4 mile race. To me at least; my 4.9 feels quicker than the Frontier.