: 18s vs. 22s - suspension difference?

03-04-10, 01:33 PM

i am looking at 2008+ EXTs, I currently have a set of 24s on my Denali, so buying an escalade with the 22s seems like a waste to me because i will never have them on the truck.

1. is it likely that i could find a good deal out there on escalade without the 22s?

2. more importantly, is there any difference in suspension between the trucks with the 22s and the 18s?

(if there is a difference in suspension, im assuming i should get a truck that has the 22s if im going to put my 24s on it.)


03-04-10, 02:38 PM
not a waste really, the factory 22's and tires easily sell on craigslist for $2000. So look at is as a huge discount on the vehicle. Or some people use them as winter wheels if your in a region that has bad winters.

1. I found a great deal on an escalade with 26s, the deal you find is not really relevant to the wheels on the car. Alot of times the ones with the 18s wont have NAV, but thats about the only inference you should be able to make.

2. suspension is the same afaik

(fwiw my escalade based on factory codes had 18s(im the 2nd owner), with the 26s, everything is fine suspension wise, just the added stress of a wheel thats 3x as heavy, harder on brakes, harder on MPG, harder on all suspension parts. Easier on the eyes. The price you pay for looking the way you want to.)

03-04-10, 08:43 PM
I just know from reading the 09,2010 specs.... The ones with 18 inch rims are the base versions..all others get 22's, the suspension does not include the magnetic ride system, I think I saw a price about $4000-4500 somewhere to add that to the base ver.... so a lot more than you think may be missing in one with 18 inch wheels.

03-13-10, 06:21 PM
when i mentioned a better deal, i meant other buyers seeking a used 2008 may pass on the escalades with the 18s, so i was thinking it may be easier to find a deal there.

thanks for the info on the suspentiom

03-13-10, 08:37 PM
magnetic ride was only available in 09 + so as far as I know there was no suspension options in 07-08. I have never read about or seen anything pertaining to suspension differences from the two years.. the whole auto leveling suspension was standard on all of them..

also when I bought my 07 it had the 18s and the only options I don't have are the power running boards, Rear DVD and engine block heater.. I believe all the other bells and whistles are there