: any one wanna buy a Jaguar XKE.. or 12?

03-04-10, 10:54 AM
some people say theres no such thing as too much of a good thing, but what if that good thing just happen to be a Jaguar XKE or rather 12 of them!

well if 12 Jaguar XKE's do happen to be on your shopping list here ya go:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Jaguar-X-Type-XKE-1961-1974-Jaguar-XKE-Series-12-Car-Lot_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem439db262deQQitemZ29 0408522462QQptZUSQ5fCarsQ5fTrucks

03-04-10, 12:17 PM
Jaguar E-types are extremey risky as restoration projects due to the potential of very expensive body restoration from rust damage, collision damage and most of all improperly or poorly done restoration attempts. The cost of properly restoring an E-type is well over $100,000. and the average resale price of a 100 point concours car is still under $100,000. (and that is for a Series I drophead, other series and coupes are still considerably less). This offer of a dozen XKEs for $200,000. seems really out of line with reality.

03-04-10, 12:29 PM
This stuff looks like scrap.

03-12-10, 04:16 AM
You kinda need all 12 to get one restored XKE, right?

03-12-10, 09:40 AM
There's a whole lotta "that'll buff out" going on there. 200k? :tisk:

03-12-10, 10:19 PM
Sexy cars when either mint originals or restored. $200k for 12 rusty crusty ones does not seem like a deal.