: Cleaning the interior

03-04-10, 09:15 AM
Hello V'ers,
I was curious what parts of the interior need leather cleaner and what can be cleaned with Armor-All. Is the dash real leather (doubt it). What about the armrest and door panels. Just curious. May baby needs a shining on the inside.

03-04-10, 10:22 AM

I have cleaned cars for many years. I would not use amarol, just because it causes more harm then good. In amarol they use fish oils to give that high shine. I just did my interior yesterday. The best stuff on the market i feel is Lexol. I first used there cleaner and after applied the conditioner. You can apply it every where. That includes all plastic leather, dash. It gives a low shine and smells good.


03-04-10, 10:46 AM
Thanks for the info. I will look for it and give it a try. What stores carry it?

03-04-10, 06:44 PM
FWIW the dash on the STS-V IS real leather. The console and door panels are covered in real leather as well. I had 2 door panels replaced because the wood panel was separating. The dealer told me they were over $1500 each. They were supplied by Draexlmaier who also does interiors for Maybach, BMW, and the Porsche Panamera.

03-04-10, 09:36 PM
I did not figure the dash was. It seems like it would dry and crack in the heat and sun. I guess I definately need to get some sun tan lotion on it before summer. "It rubs the lotion on its dash." Sorry, bad movie reference.

03-05-10, 02:31 PM
... "It rubs the lotion on its dash." Sorry, bad movie reference.

Nevermind.. Silence of the Lambs!!! Finally..

03-05-10, 04:20 PM
i get all my car detailing stuff off Amazon.com. Using car wax is always an emotional subject. but I have a black 2008 STS V,and switched to Turtle Ice product--i find its easier to out on, and seems to "bead" up longer.bob