View Full Version : ok...it's time for everyone to confess....

08-17-04, 08:44 AM
who spent all last weekend playing madden 2005??

08-17-04, 09:12 AM
almost bought it ...but in the words of Larry the cable guy..."why dont they have a button that says frickin pass"...

I love football but those games are too hard to deal with for a professional armchair quaterback like me

08-17-04, 09:44 AM
i saw the collector's edition at wal-mart and i could resist. it also has three classic gmaes on it too.

08-17-04, 03:45 PM
I got it yesterday for my birthday, but it's still shrink wrapped. I'm just waiting till I go back to school on the 27th to play till my eyes bleed. :lildevil:

08-17-04, 03:52 PM
man. you can't wait that long. this game is cool. did you get the collector's edition??

i hadn't gotten a new one since 2002 and i didn't really like 2004. i don't know why but there was something about it. but i liked the features. in 2005 it seems like they 'fine tuned' the features. i don't play enough, but apparently there are major 'cheats' that you can use on older versions. like have mike vick return punts, and i guess they took things out to prevent you from exploiting glitches. so it has some hardcore players upset because now they have to play the game like it's suppose to be played.

08-17-04, 04:39 PM
It amazes me how obsessed people are with this game. A few of my friends lock themselves in someone's basement and play for hours. I can't stand that game, maybe if I were a bigger football fan I would appreciate it more.