: New (to me) 07 ESV- THIS FORUM ROCKS!!!!!

03-02-10, 12:10 AM
I signed up to this forum at the begining of the year. Great info.

I'm in San Diego and was looking for a Blk/Blk ESV with Nav still under factory warranty. I was willing to go to Vegas, PHX, LA. Last week I found & bought the ESV in LA fully loaded (every option) 43K mi ( with 9 months left on warranty) for $37K. Lease rtn in excellent condition. (I was about to buy one in PHX for $39K but it didn't have pwr running boards, 34K mi but only 3 months from in service date expiry)

It had missing: second key& fob, hitch cover, headphones and some curb rash on both passenger wheels.

Thanks to all you folks I now:
Have a brand new map disk coming from GM for FREE (info based on a thread here), 4 new 22 OEM wheels (based on warranty claim info here on the site), 4 headphone for $40, hitch cover for $30, new (2009 style) key fob for $50 and new blank key for $18 all from hints on where to find deals.

You guys rock! Thanks so much.

by the way after having my detailer detail my truck for 5 hours the battery went dead, I jumped it and it worked fine...this morning it was dead again. Went to the dealer, it ended up the CD/DVD Nav system had a disk locked up and spinning -causing the battery to die (no video or audio from the 6 disk changer). Getting a new Nav system (along with my new wheels) !!! whoo hoo!

03-02-10, 01:07 PM
:welcome: Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your new truck!

03-02-10, 04:30 PM
Nice! Hitch cover for 30? The plastic piece? Where did you find it for 30? Painted?

Mine's a little scratched :(

03-02-10, 05:09 PM
are people jacking those hitch covers for a reason? it is only secured by two clips. secured mine with a key bolt and nut so no jacking;)

03-02-10, 07:43 PM
kinda sounds like what all i had to go through when i got my 07 EXT. Didn't have a second set of keys, didn't have a nav disc and the one they(place i bought it from, which was a Porsche dealership) sent me didn't work and turned out to be for the older body style, but the caddy dealership didn't realize that until after they replaced the whole head unit. Luckily under warranty. I also have a set of headphones missing. lol.

But anyway, congrats on your new caddy!