: 2005 Bonneville gets N*

08-17-04, 12:31 AM
Flipping through Car and Driver Magazine the other day and read a comparo between the Crystler 300, Ford Crown Vic. and the new Bonneville.
" GM once supplied V-8 heavies to all of its division. Now it has to give its catalogs a pretty thorough rummage before it turns up a fairly obscure $38,495 Pontiac. Bet you didn't even know a Bonneville could be that expensive, or come with an optional V-8. It can and does, starting this year.

At the far end of Pontiac's order sheet sits the new Bonneville GXP, putting hurt to the front tires with a 275-hp, 4.6-liter DOHC 32-valve Northstar. A reinforced four-speed automatic handles shifting, and a digger 3.70 axle ratio supplies tire screech to spare."


Cant say im surprised, actually kind of happy that the general's division of Cadillac developed such a good engine that their sharing the wealth with other divisions.

I also got a laugh out of the irony of the 'what PONTIAC stands for' joke, those of you who know it i hope can chuckle as well, i wont repeat it though as it is very dis-tastefull.

Oh and another thing, I caught 'Rides' on TLC yesterday, they showed the building of the Hotwheels car Deora II. They actually took a 2004 Sed deville, chopped off the front end and used it in the rear: engine, wiring harness, the whole bit, pretty awesome. if you have the means i suggest checking it out.

08-17-04, 02:48 AM
Well the Boneville actually had the Northstar this year to and last I think. I'd like to see them redo the car, well the interior at least. All in All the pontiac im kinda lookin forward to is the new G6.