: BLS engine number

02-27-10, 03:35 PM
Couple of questions--

1. Where is the engine number(where is it stamped)?

2.My log book states -engine number not known.Is this normal.I remember the good old days when a matching chassis/ engine number added value to a secondhand American(maybe Swedish) vehicle.

3. I have seen a reference to Z19DT & Z19DTH engines.Are these the current 150 & 180 diesels?

02-27-10, 04:04 PM
Just checked my reg doc. I have an engine number on mine.
Mine begins with Z19DTH, followed by eight numbers. Those numbers are also the last eight numbers of my VIN.

02-27-10, 04:19 PM
@caddykev,I guess yours is a diesel 180.If this is correct my 180 will have the reference Z19DTH.I have seen an oil or air filter quoting this reference on ebay.Thanks for info.I will double check to find the engine number tomorrow.Two weeks and not opened the "hood" yet!!!Nice to confirm you have matching numbers

02-27-10, 04:33 PM
Tried to upload a scan of my handbook with the location of it.
Don't seem to be having alot of luck tho!
It appears to be located on the engine at the front as you look at it from the rad grille. Slightly off centre to the right. According to my manual it is on a cylinder shaped mount of some sort. Bit like a brake or clutch master cylinder shaped thingy?!? Sorry to be vague. Probably midway down.Happy hunting Buddy!

02-28-10, 04:08 PM
Just found this on Wikipedia.(9-3 Saab)

Model Years Engine and type Displ. Power Torque Turbocharger
1.8i 2004–present I4 16V Ecotec 1796 cc 90 kW (122 PS; 121 hp) @ 5800 rpm 167 Nm (123 lbft) @ 3800 rpm None
1.8t 2002–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 110 kW (150 PS; 148 hp) @ 5500 rpm 240 Nm (180 lbft) @ 2000–3500 rpm Low-pressure
2.0t 2002–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 129 kW (175 PS; 173 hp) @ 5500 rpm 265 Nm (195 lbft) @ 2500–4000 rpm Mid-pressure
2.0 Turbo 2002–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 154 kW (209 PS; 207 hp) @ 5300 rpm 300 Nm (220 lbft) @ 2500–4000 rpm High-pressure
2.0 Turbo 2009–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 177 kW (241 PS; 237 hp) @ 5500 rpm 350 Nm (260 lbft) @ 2500 rpm High-pressure
2.8t V6 2005–2007 V6 24V LP1 2792 cc 169 kW (230 PS; 227 hp) @ 5500 rpm 320 Nm (240 lbft) @ 1800–4500 rpm Low-pressure
2.8T V6 2005–2007 V6 24V LP1 2792 cc 184 kW (250 PS; 247 hp) @ 5500 rpm 350 Nm (260 lbft) @ 1800–4500 rpm High-pressure
2.8T V6 2007–2008 V6 24V LP1 2792 cc 188 kW (256 PS; 252 hp) @ 5500 rpm 355 Nm (262 lbft) @ 1800–4500 rpm High-pressure
2.8T V6 2008–present V6 24V LP1 2792 cc 206 kW (280 PS; 276 hp) @ 5500 rpm 400 Nm (300 lbft) @ 2150 rpm High-pressure
1.8t BioPower 2007–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 129 kW (175 PS; 173 hp) @ 5500 rpm 265 Nm (195 lbft) @ 2500–4000 rpm Mid-pressure
2.0t BioPower 2007–present I4 16V Ecotec 1998 cc 147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp) @ 5500 rpm 300 Nm (220 lbft) @ 2500–4000 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TiD 2004–present I4 8V Z19DT 1910 cc 88 kW (120 PS; 118 hp) @ 4000 rpm 280 Nm (210 lbft) @ 2000–2750 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TiDS 2004–present I4 16V Z19DTH 1910 cc 110 kW (150 PS; 148 hp) @ 4000 rpm 320 Nm (240 lbft) @ 2000–2750 rpm High-pressure
1.9 TTiD 2007–present I4 16V Z19DTR 1910 cc 132 kW (179 PS; 177 hp) @ 4000 rpm 400 Nm (300 lbft) @ 2000–2500 rpm*1
370 Nm (270 lbft) @ 2000–2500 rpm*2 High-pressure twin turbo
2.2 TiD 2002–2004 I4 16V 2171 cc 92 kW (125 PS; 123 hp) @ 4000 rpm 280 Nm (210 lbft) @ 1500 rpm High-pressure
*1 For vehicles with manual transmission
*2 For vehicles with automatic transmission

The above is a bit difficult to follow but appears to confirm the diesel 180(177h.p.) as a Z19DTR.
Must look under bonnett for confirmation & twin turbo.

Is yours a 150 caddykev?.Your engine number suggests that it is.

03-01-10, 02:10 PM
Yep, mine's a 150 saloon.
You found that engine number yet?
I just read back my instructions to you on how to find the engine number. I pretended to be you. You've got no chance!!!!! Lol.

03-02-10, 09:08 AM
Your right,I read your insructions and the manual.Looks easy to find but I never found it(or the thingy).Not an issue as I now know the 180 engine identifier.Really clean and shiny under the hood and I did not want to disturb any connections.

06-21-12, 11:44 AM
I want to buy cadillac bls engine mountd. l am in South Africa. Does anyone know parts numbers?

06-21-12, 05:17 PM
jerry, I will hazard a guess that the engine mount might be the same as for a Saab 9-3 (what engine have you got in your BLS?)

Anyway, best I can help you with here is the telephone number for Bauer-Millett parts department here in the UK +44 (0)161 8727744, email: parts@bauer-millett.com

I'm sure they will do their very best to help you. Usually very good to me whenever I phone them. The least they might do is give you the part number and you may well then at least be able to source the mount in SA. If the mount isn't available in SA, you might have no choice but to buy from the UK.

Alternatively, if once you have obtained the correct part number, contact: http://www.reeds.co.za/ and they might be able to get the part for you.

Hope this helps.

06-22-12, 08:41 AM
It is a BLS 2.0T. I am beginning to have a lot of problems with the car. The parts are not always available here in South Africa's GM. If available they are very expensive. For instance, the front wheel-bearings cost R6250, in the region of 600 pounds for one. The engine mounts are R4900 for two, around 490 pounds. Hence I am looking elsewhere for parts alternatives. I love the car, but am getting scared by the negative reports I see on the BLS models. Are we not getting into a stituation where parts may not be available anymore as SAAB, you know the story....

06-22-12, 12:59 PM

Where there's a will there's a way! I absolutely know more than anyone just how difficult it is to get parts for our cars in SA.

To give you an idea of what you should be paying and don't forget, even with tracked postage via a reputable courier service, they should still cost you a lot less than sourcing from SA:




You can see therefore, that you shouldn't be paying anymore than a couple of thousand Rand per pair of bearings minus postage.

If you look carefully at all of the X reference numbers between the Cadillac, Saab and Vauxhall (Opel), you will see that they all share the same part number.

Obviously, you would have to check the part numbers against anything you bought, can't highlight that enough.

If you scan the UK site of ebay, you'll find engine mounts listed for the Saab 9-3 which will could well do the trick, but again, you would have to check absolutely thoroughly yourself.

Good luck mate!