View Full Version : Damn Hood Strut mount on hood breaks

02-27-10, 11:00 AM
So I had the hood open while I was changing all 4 corners brakes to Hawk Ceramic pads. Wanted to keep the hood open to make sure I dont spill out the brake fluid while pressing the pistons back in.

Well I did all 4 corners in about 1.5hrs. Wrapped everything up, went to close the hood and heard this SNAP!

Turns out the damn mount on the under side of the hood where the hood strut connects to a ball, that ball is part of a mount bracket that was just spot welded and it snapped. Problem is the bracket is inside the hood. So now the whole bracket is moving around. Im going to look into either welding it myself, got a welder sitting here.

Checked the hood strut myself and that joker seems to be bad, I took it out and went to compress the cylinder and it took all my weight (which is 160lbs) to push the joker down. So looks like I need a new one there. No one seems to stock this damn assist cylinder/hood strut.

My car still under warranty, but at this point I just dont feel like taking it in, my caddy dealers around here seem to just want to pass the buck and Im a big DIY guy and do everything myself anyways, so I dont mind popping out my welder to weld it correctly and then just pickup the strut myself for say $20-30. Aint worth my time to deal with taking it to the dealer, they spend 1-2days jossling me around on the whole thing.