: Detailing help

02-26-10, 01:11 PM
I have 2000 Deville and its starting to show its age a little, the leather is cracking a little on the drivers side because i drive a lot and in the cracks its losing the grey color. The carpet is getting a little dirty and i want to really clean it good, so i was going to take it out of the car and wash it with the water hose after using some sort of cleaner or soap, does anyone have any suggestions for a good cheap cleaner and any tips or tricks to make it work real good?? Also i want to redo my pillars and headliner, do i have to take off the old one before i put the new one? Reason i ask is that i have tried to do it before on other cars that i have owned and it was always a lot more work than i really wanted to mess with and half the time it didnt come out right anyways. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Flash man
02-27-10, 12:25 AM

You can use an aerosol vinyl-leather dye to repair the seat. Just clean the seat with Bullseye leather cleaner and lightly mist two to three coats to cover the wear. We carry leather dyes in OEM colors. After that you can use a leather conditioning creme to restore your leather seats. Its a good idea to condition leather seats frequently.

In the summer months the temperatures will reach well over 100 degrees inside of our vehicles. Especially in the sun. The heat dries out the natural animal oils that are in the leather hide. When you sit down on your dry leather seats, they will crack. If you do not condition your leather for a long
period of time, it will dry out, harden and crack. Our leather conditioner contains various cleaning & conditioning agents that rejuvenate and lubricate dry leather surfaces. Keeps leather seats soft and supple.Its a non greasy formula. If you have a new car, its a good idea to start conditioning your seats to prevent them from cracking.

We carry a carpet and upholstery cleaner that removes heavy stains and will not dry out carpets. If you go on youtube look up my name Flashvette and you will see some of our products in action.

Do you want to clean, dye or replace your headliner and pillars?

Joe Flash man
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