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01-24-03, 12:34 PM
Another new member, just signed up. Live in Southern CA near Los Angeles. Own a 97 Concours 109.000 miles purchased as a dealer demo with about 2,000 miles in 97. My wife dives it most of the time & I get the pick up truck. This is our 4th Deville (the last 2 were Concours) and probably not the last. To some extent, I am a do-it-yourselfer, just finished replacing both front electronic struts after the RF started leaking. But on the other hand, I usualy let someone else chage the oil. Anyway... good to know the forum is here, happy to join.

01-24-03, 12:50 PM
Welcome aboard, Sunrise! And thank you for signing up! It looks like we've got another knowledgable Cadillac owner here. Great!

Hey! I see you own an '89 Corvette as well. I have an '87.. Did you find us through corvetteforum?

01-24-03, 02:14 PM
Knowlegable? Well that might be a bit of a stretch. A bit of a motorhead might be a better description. As far as how I got here, it was by chance. Although I am a member of the Corvette Forum, I had not seen mention of the Cadillac Forum and did not realize it existed. As mentioned We have had a number of Cadillacs, and other than the Northstar oil consumption issue, I have been absolutely satisfied. I don't think there is a better bang for the buck in terms of confort and performance in a single package. As for the oil issue, I learned form the 94 Concours that it is more of a perception than a problem. I traded it with 237,000 miles, as I recollect, and it was still running well. The drivers seat was getting worn and other signs of the miles were begining to show. :D

01-24-03, 02:19 PM
Hey. There's a discussion about the 'oil consumption issue' in the Northstar Tech area.. Have you seen it? There's a great explanation in there.. Otherwise.. Did you find us by just typing in the URL on a hunch?

01-24-03, 08:48 PM
Actually, I found it when I was looking for the front struts I mentioned in my introduction. I was slightly taken aback when the local dealer threw around a price tag of some $3,000 to replace the pair, so I decided to start looking around. I found this site and picked up the struts for about $415 each from a GM dealer in Florida. That plus a spring compression tool at Sears, and a 4-wheel alignment, and 4 new tires from the Tire Rack - all told about $1,300. I know the dealer need to make a living but… Anyway I am just now getting around to following up and signing up at this forum. I did see the oil thread and it is consistent with what I have understood from various sources when I first looked into the issue. That was when we had the 94 Concours. I have never tried the upper cleaning procedure – I have found that keeping good gas in it and running it hard every now and then does the trick.

01-28-03, 10:31 AM
Yes. Running it hard once in awhile is good - as far as I've heard. In fact, I'm going to post a topic about this in the Northstar section... Thanks for bringing it up. :D