: Fuel Rail Recall Missinformation

08-16-04, 11:56 AM
I just returned from the Cadillac dealer where I had my '97 Deville fuel rail inspected and expected to have it replaced per the recall that has been posted including '95-'97's. Apparently there is an error in the NHTSA recall notice. I saw the actuall GM recall and it only includes '95's. The mechanic called GM technical service and what I was told it that there was a problem with the way the '95 fuel rails were joined together causing leaks at the joints. A different proccess was used fron '96 on. So '96 on is your problem not GM's. Having said that, I just saw a post on caddyinfo.com from a guy with a '97 who found a fuel leak and was told by Cadillac that it was not under the recall. Obviously '96 on are having problems as well. Keep a close watch on it and if you find a leak file a report with the NHTSA & GM. If enough reports are filed GM may expand this recall.