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Night Wolf
08-16-04, 07:49 AM
As I have been thinking about this more, I have 2 main questions:

1) I was first going to do a stock rebuild, headwork, raise compression, cam and manifolds... but then I was thinking... maybe in the future I would want even more performance from it... if I do a stock rebuild, it would be using the factory bottom end... how strong are the bottom ends on the 500? bascially, if I start building it up, maybe N20 (doubtfull, but never know) in the future, would the bottom end hold up? or should i really look into getting high performance rods, pistons etc...? Although that will consderably bring up the cost of the project, which leads me to my next question....

2) the engines I am looking at are complete, but they have been sitting in a warehouse for ~15 years, so they will need a rebuild. Now I was first going to do the above over the winter, and I may still do that, but lets say I was to get the 500, do the rebuild, headwork, other machine shop stuff, but leave some of the parts, such as intake manifold and others to wait until more funds came along the way.... in other words, get the engine running nice, put it in the car, then the car can be driven, not only tht, but I would get to build it up as I go along, and see the difference that differnt parts will make... either that, or just build the whole thing up in one shot.... over the winter while the '79 and '93 are put away, I will only be paying 25% of the insurance on those 2 cars (main car will be '89 Olds 88) so cash will be more easy to get...

* I will be using the Q-Jet from my 425, it will get a rebuild (needs it now actually) and re-jetted... any other parts from my 425 I could/should use on the 500? I will be keeping the enigne, but I heard somewhere that 425 heads on a 500 will give about 10.5:1 compression...but would have no top end (4,000rpm?) is this true, and would it be better to use the 425 heads, or stick with the 500 heads?

sorry to be asking lot of redundent questions latly... this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and wnat to do it right. still, first step s to get the enignes, at $100/each, I will try to make a deal for both.... I know they are 472/500.... I am pretty sure/hope they are 500ci, I should get the numbers sometime to see what year they are from etc...

lux hauler
08-16-04, 03:40 PM
The casting numbers on the block won't tell you much. The numbers on the heads will give you an idea what year they are but who knows if they are the heads that actually came on the engine. The only real way to know for sure is to get the casting number off the crank or measure the stroke.

For the engine build.......build it as much as you can afford to. If you think you might want to spray it.....build the bottom end for spray (Olds forged rods or an aftermarket forged rod, forged pistons etc.). There's no need to tear it down later and spend the money all over again. If money becomes a problem, leave the bolt-on stuff for later but if the heads need work, might as well do them right the first time. Again, no need to spend the money twice. Bigger valves, port work etc.

08-16-04, 04:30 PM
is a 100-150 shot safe say twice a month, or is that asking for trouble with out forged rods, what about a 100 shot?

08-17-04, 09:14 PM
The bottom end on these motors are strong. A 100 shot should be no problem, same with a 150 shot really. Luxlx runs a 200/275 staged system and caddycarlo runs a straight 200 shot (on top of a blower and 12.5:1 compression no less).