: Scan Tool Questions

08-16-04, 06:50 AM
I recently bought a set of shop manuals for my car (97 SLS) and I was wondering about maybe getting a scan tool. Most of the diagnostic procedures in the manuals mention using one. My question is about what my options are in scan tools.

I looked at some web sites and some of the tools cost thousands of dollars. This is much more that I am willing to pay and I wondered if there are any less expensive scan tools that would still be useful for troubleshooting. I already know how to get the trouble codes off the OBD and how to look them up, but what would be the next step up from that?

08-17-04, 03:32 AM
Yes, the service manual always relates to the GM Tech2. If you work on GM vehicles...you gotta have one.

Most aftermarket scanners...are several years behind the factory Tech2. Most offer powertrain read only data. The Tech2 does allow interactive control of the EGR and fuel injectors etc.

You can also get into Corvette door modules for example. They will set codes. ABS...airbag...ride control....YOU NEED the factory tool...

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