: Motorpoint BLS

02-21-10, 04:16 PM
Their five BLS are not moving fast this time.Perhaps the 1.9D Auto (180)Wagon was the best buy.

02-23-10, 03:32 PM
Maybe I posted too soon .Two of the five have been sold in the last couple of days.As production has ceased I wonder how many are left in storage.Although mine is an 08 build the preservation (wax etc) must have been good as I have not noticed any corrosive signs.I guess the Swedes need good weather protection.

02-23-10, 05:32 PM
@ Mazuk,
Mine's an 08 build.
I have noticed that the rear door window trim chrome is slightly cloudy in certain light. Also,as I have mentioned before,the reversing light lenses have minor algae in the very bottom of them which says to me that the car was standing outside for a fair while. Oh! and the radiator grille emblem enamel is very slightly tarnished! I'm being picky now! Lol.

02-26-10, 05:39 AM
Hithere all. Greetings from a very depressed L.A. I've still not seen my car yet.Phoned motorpoint three times now and havebeen given a story that the central locking is faulty, and that they've had to send the car to the saab dealership in Derby for some work. Phoned the nearest two dealers for info, but neither have seen the car. Hmmmm!
I hope the real reason isnt bodywork.
supposedto be getting another update on monday,but I guess I'll have to phone them for it.
Think of me,you guys,while your driving around in yours. Say a little caddy prayer for me.

02-26-10, 01:18 PM
While I sink into sumptuous leather,
The electric seats numbing my bum,
I can cruise in Godawful weather,
In smoothness and quiet,having fun,
But Dear God,I pray for Lord Alvis,
His Caddy has gone on the run.
I'm getting looks and winks and all this
While Alvis is all sad and glum.
Patient, your day will come my son.
and you too will be having fun.
Till then my friend, you'll have to wait.
For when you get it, it will be great!!
Please dear God, give him his Caddy,
so he too can be ' The Daddy "

02-26-10, 05:35 PM
Caddykev !! Your an artist and genius !!

Thanks, from the slightly less depressed L.A.

02-27-10, 04:03 PM
Mine was 2 weeks late and I knew more about the problem than Motorpoint. Mine had a wire problem in the back quarter light window... alarm system. Stratstone, Birminghan were good and kept me informed... in the end it was at the garage for 2 weeks waiting for a special solder... they replaced the window in the end. During this time I cancelled the car and was beginning to think the worst about my deposit... some issues of this nature had been posted on 'complaints/ problems with Motorpoint. In the end I re purchased the car... it had been driven around and had an extra 120 miles on clock. The experience was not good as m'point didn't keep me up to date at all with the situation.However, it was worth the wait as I am so pleased with the car... even if I'm waiting for the books. Hey, get them to knock off the transport cost, or better still... get it filled up! Once I drove to Peterborough ... an hour and half... and faced the deputy manager, they couldn't do enough... and the deposit was already back in my bank... good luck, keep us posted

03-02-10, 01:09 PM
Only 1 left. Not surprised considering expensive advertising in Sunday Times & Mail.Billy1958---how many miles so far and any problems/discoverys?

03-02-10, 02:00 PM
Just looked in the back of my service / warranty booklet. Make sure you all send off the breakdown section in the book on page 31 /32 to entitle you to recovery in the event of a breakdown. I have noticed mine hasn't been stamped by my dealer! ( page 29 ) Not sure if that part is important as the stamp stays with the book and not sent off to Sweden.
I'll be on the old dog and bone in the mornin!!

03-02-10, 03:08 PM
This gets interesting.My book is not stamped either.I rang 0080033228877 (in the book) to see if I had cover. They took my reg. no. and said I had cover for 3 years .In the event of breakdown ring 0800 072 4791 which is different to 0800 220 539 quoted elsewhere.I think I will send page 31 anyway.Thanks again caddykev.

Quiz of the day-what Caddy is this?


03-02-10, 03:33 PM
No books so far but working things out!!! Only done 500 miles and everything good so far. Rolls a bit more than used to around corners but very pleased as I enjoy the gadgets... the sub woofer in wheel well still makes me laugh! The ntime I will start to get naffed off is when I have to put it into warranty... hopefully that wont happen.. sound from stereo is unbelievable.. have i got a 'one off'???

03-02-10, 03:47 PM
700 miles and no problems.I agree 100% about the "rolling" on B roads but I bought this as Mr Sensibles car and it has certainly lived up to expectations so far.Great all purpose car.I think we will be O.K. on warranty so long as willing to travel!

03-03-10, 09:27 AM
All five of the latest Motorpoint batch appear to have been sold.Were you a buyer?If so ,time to start posting on this forum.

03-05-10, 03:25 PM
The red 1/43 model is a 1937 Cadillac V16 with a special body by Hartmann.Model made in Ukraine!!!

03-06-10, 09:02 AM
@ Mazuk,
Aww! I was just about to tell you what the model was! You've gone and spoilt it now!! Lol!
Your model collection must be worth a fortune!
How many Caddy models do you have exactly?

03-09-10, 11:59 AM
Hi Caddikev,my interest is in 1930 to 1970/80 1/43 American cars . This includes about 30 Cadillacs.Much cheaper to run than your 1/1.LOL.

03-11-10, 06:20 PM
All five of the latest Motorpoint batch appear to have been sold.Were you a buyer?If so ,time to start posting on this forum.

Hi -A couple of qweeks or so ago, I agreed to the purchase of a Cadillac BLS 1.9d (180) 5 dr station wagon 6 speed manual elegance with 9 delivery miles from Motorpoint in Derby after viewing a similar vehicle but the automatic version. The car I purchased was brought up from Motorpopint in Peterborough on a transporter and I took delivery on 2nd March. The car had its first decent run when I viisited my daughter in the Lake District and it seems absolutely fine. I remain confused though about the information given by Motorpoint concerning the warranty - I was told that the vehicle came with the residue of a 24 month manufacturer's warranty which commenced in January 2010. I spoke to the Service Manager at the Cadilac Main Agency in Birmingham and was told that providing that the vehicle was first registered in my name (which Motorpoint agreed to do) then GM would give a full 3 year or 60000 miles warranty from the date of first registration. This seems quite contrary to what Motorpoint told me. My car left the factory in Sweden mid-2008 so, like other BLS vehicles sold by Motorpoint, it has stood unused for some considerable time. I noticed on taking delivery, just as another member who purchaased a BLS from Motorpoint remarked, the chrome trim above and below the side windows was a tad cloudy. I initially polished this with Duraglit wadding and then gave the entire vehicle's paint and chrome the two stage diamond-brite treatment and it now looks superb. Three things that other Cadillac BLS owners might be able to help me with at this juncture:
1. Am I entitled to the Roadside Assistance/Recovery referred to in the back of the Service book or is that just for people buying their vehicle from a main agent (and not at a discounted price from a car supermarket)?
2. Should Motorpoint have stamped the service book to indicate that they did a pre-delivery check on the vehicle (which they levied a charge for).
3. My vehicle came with ordinary wheel bolts all none locking. To discourage theft of my alloy wheels, I enquired about obtaining a set of 4 locking wheel studs from a main agent but they were very expensive - nearly 80 plus postage. Locking wheel bolts for the Saab 9-3 wagon are available on ebay at a fraction of this cost. Will these fit? My existing bolts have a tapered collar. What size locking bolts do I need - in terms of thread size, bolt length and pitch of taper?

Any advice, gratefully received,