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whos your caddy
02-21-10, 02:26 PM
whats up everyone just found this site looks like a lot of good info here i have a 2000 base deville


02-21-10, 04:06 PM
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02-21-10, 04:07 PM
:welcome:................and now you get the opportunity to do a LOT of homework: Every question from oil to plugs to tires to seat belts is answered in Deville, Technical Discussions, and Northstar Performance.

Go up in the black bar and read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive. Use the sticky thread at the top of the Deville page - VIN to RPO Converter - to find out what's built into your car. Use the sticky thread, in the same place, titled "How to pull codes" - read the whole post - to learn how to use your car's built-in Diagnostic Trouble Code system.

Keep it clean, don't use snake oils and magic potions, and follow the owner's manual service and oil recommendations. There's precious little you can do to make it "better or faster" so learn before you spend bucks for nothing.

(Sorry for the double post, but the Cadillac Forums website is extremely slow lately.)

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02-21-10, 05:43 PM
Greetings and salutations.

02-21-10, 07:36 PM
:welcome5: to the forums. Thanks for signing up.

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02-21-10, 09:37 PM
Welcome to the board and congrats on the great car, do yourself a favor and read up as Sub suggested, its great background info to help you better understand the car.

02-21-10, 11:00 PM
(Sorry for the double post, but the Cadillac Forums website is extremely slow lately.)

She'll survive, it's just all of us uploading pictures from this weekend's Chicago Auto Show.

02-21-10, 11:04 PM
Welcome, glad to have ya :D

whos your caddy
02-22-10, 02:36 PM
thanks i started reading up before i signed up and then i realized there is a lot of good info that i could use this is my first caddy and i love it


02-22-10, 05:17 PM
:wave: Howdy.

02-23-10, 04:11 AM
First: Welcome:welcome: Second: Where are the pics of your Deville?:D

BTW, in sharp contrast to Toyota or Honda, where the basic models even don't have power windows!!!!, a base Deville is still a Cadi, a very prestigious, and classy car.;)

02-23-10, 10:04 AM
I like your sign-on name. :)

02-23-10, 11:04 AM
Hello and welcome!

02-23-10, 05:43 PM
From one new member to another, "Hello and welcome!":welcome: