: Product Distributors needed throughout the USA - $$$ in it for you

02-21-10, 09:28 AM
Through the last couple of years I've received a lot of help from forum members on many different levels. Maybe I have something to give back...

Let me explain:

I want the stud kit to become the first choice of anyone rebuilding a Northstar or doing a head gasket job. There's a good chance of this happening because of the proven track record of the studs and the general design. The problem? I'm here up here in Canada. At least for now.

Many of the calls I receive are from garages who are 1/2 way through the job and cannot have their bay tied up while the stud kit is 3-4 days in transit.

The solution? A distributor network across the USA. Where shipping takes a max of 2 days, or pick up can be arranged by the customer.

Any future products we have would also be added to the distributor network (poly mounts, performance parts, etc.)

What I need:

I need some people who are capable of spending a few minutes every day if need be, attatching a shipping label to a box and dropping it off at a UPS Store or giving it to a driver. Someone who's retired, or has extra time on their hands, or needs extra money. This needs to be USA wide.

The requirements:

You have to be 100% convinced that studs are the way to go and inserts are not. You can't sell a product you don't believe in. There wouldn't be much communication involved anyway with customers. More/less they call us, we relay the order to you and fax the shipping docs over to you.

You also have to realize that our customer database is confidential and that the stud system is patent pending- any attempt to duplicate, undersell us, anything of the like will result in a lawsuit and being banned from the distributor network. The only way this can work nicely is trust on both sides- and honesty too.

The rewards:

A commission on each kit/set of studs sold that passes through your hands. This will be a flat commission regardless of sale price, and the details thereof will not be released publicly here. In other words, you'll be cashing in on the Northstar head gasket problem making money along side us- and helping Northstar owners everywhere enjoy their cars once again, trouble free.

I'm not going to promise anything, how much $$ can be made or what your sales total will be, but I do know that in order to keep expanding the success of the SureGrip stud system, I will need help.

And Finally:
I want to continue to sell engines (right now I am) but I need to take down a few barriers first. Core availability, freight cost. I need a distributor who can store engines and ship them out as orders come in. Again there would be a comission. Also I need someone to collect and crate cores for me so I can have about 10+ cores at a time shipped in to remanufacture. Core returns, junk yard engines, etc. This would be for people who have a bit more storage space and hopefully, but not necessarily, a fork lift. I plan on selling reconditioned engines again soon for the cost of about $2000- we actually had decent success with that.

Full details will be available soon to those who inquire- please send an email to info@northstarperformance.com with the word "distributor" in the subject field.

02-21-10, 09:40 AM
The more I think about it, I'll need someone in each state. I can think of about 10 forum members right now who I'd love to involve in this but I'm going to leave it to you guys to email me.

The plan is at least one kit being sold in each U.S. state per week. Yes, that's how many engines are blowing their HG's. And I estimate that to be a very small percentage of Northstars on the road.

02-21-10, 06:32 PM
Jake, I have a suggestion that could increase the sales of your great product. Included a video of you performing and explaining the procedure step by step of removing the engine from the top and installing the studs. Some Northstar owners have no choice but to use inserts because these can be installed with engine in car. A detail video might convince the weekend mechanics that they can pull the engine. Years ago, I bought a video about the Taurus SHO valve adjustments and timing belt replacement procedure. Without that video, I probably would not have done the job myself. You could also just sell the video and make a nice profit. Please don't think I'm telling you how to run your business, this is just a suggestion from a hopefully future customer.

02-22-10, 07:54 AM
Hey Pete all suggestions are valuable to me so I thank you very much! May not be a bad idea.

02-24-10, 09:29 AM
someone is selling studs and has a video on ebay, shows drilling the block and tapping it, i found it the other day

well i doubt you would have any use of a dist in SD but id be willing to do it, maybe MN mail gets there pretty quick from here

02-24-10, 09:10 PM
To all who have emailed me I'm sorry I haven't responded yet. Someone hasn't taken my "patent pending" status very seriously and I'm going after them. I developed this kit to ensure extremely long lasting and bulletproof repairs to the Northstar. From what I can tell right now there's two people working together, ignoring the patent pending status and spitting these studs out on their own lathe, and also marketing them. That patent pending status is very real, and legal action is being taken.

This company had the nerve to call me, pretending to be a customer, and ask me to send them a part of the kit. I didn't clue in right aways.

I'll resume with the distributor plan in a little while.

If this certain someone is on these forums anywhere: after all the work we sent you, I'm really amazed you would do this to us. My employees are not happy about this and neither am I. It's their paychecks on the line as well as mine.

02-25-10, 10:49 AM
to be honest, im surprised it took this long, and wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the first. People grab up quick cash wherever they can. I know a guy who was selling parts a while back to another line of vehicle and the guy he tried to put out of business called the city and put him out of business cause he was using his residential property.

02-25-10, 04:57 PM
Hey jake, its me charlie from n.y. I would be interested in helping you if you would like. If you're interested just let me know what you need. I can try to help you any way you need..

02-26-10, 07:26 AM
Another suggestion - the video idea is good - but consider not making any money on the video itself and post it on YouTube. I recently changed the timing belt on my Audi using tips from a YouTube video and bought the parts from the company that put out the video. There are billions of people on YouTube - the advertisement potential is enormous.

02-26-10, 06:27 PM
I think a good video would be way too long for You Tube. I along with many others I bet can't pull the cradle because of the lack of room and unable to move the car. I would like to pull engine, then roll the car to the side of my house while I do the repair without being rushed. My buddy even has a body shop with a lift but I don't want to tie up his lift for a couple of days while I drop the cradle and drill out the head bolts. A good detailed video on how to remove engine out the top would encourage customers too far away to send their car to Canada to do the job themselves and buy the parts from Jake.

03-01-10, 06:42 PM
Well I found the source of those studs that were being machined. It wasn't linked to whom I thought it may be. Thank goodness, because I like dealing with that company.

The source was a customer of mine who wanted to buy caddys cheap, fix them, and sell them. I'm so thankful for good lawyers- they'll be tracking this guy down and explaining some things to him.

A huge thanks to a fellow forum member, previous and future customer, and also a good friend. You know who you are :thumbsup:
Also a huge thanks to another friend and fellow forum member- eyekandyboats (Taylor) for staying on top of things and keeping me informed.

The plans for the dealer network will now be resumed, very shortly.

03-01-10, 11:25 PM
Jake - its Mitch from Salt Lake City, Utah. I was your first do it yourselfer customer. I will be your rep for Utah along with my living proof daily driver 99 ETC. I have 12,000 miles on studs for 123,000 total.

03-02-10, 08:12 AM
Mitch - you are definitely in. I don't know if I still have your email address or not - I ditched facebook a little while back completely, I'm not even a member anymore.

Email me - info@northstarperformance.com

03-02-10, 10:04 PM
Jake im glad everything worked out for you. I hope you dont run into more situations like that.. Thank you for all of your help and for being a good friend and great mechanic.. Me and my caddy thank you..Hope to see ya soon ... charlie

03-02-10, 10:42 PM
I'll hustle it in Florida if you like. :thumbsup:

03-04-10, 07:21 PM
Thanks Charlie! It's great to know you can count on people when you need them.

I'm compiling a list in my organizer of potential distributors. Even if you haven't heard back from me yet, if you've emailed, I've got your info.

Destroyer I think I have someone on file for Florida, but I'll keep you in mind. Thanks man, I do appreciate it. I know you have the history of HG failure that would make you an excellent rep. Tell the customer "This is what I needed back when I still had my Deville - the solution to the Caddy HG/bolt problem"....:thumbsup: