: STS V Diss-

02-20-10, 02:20 AM
I don't know about most of you folks, but I am truly sad about my STS V. I have been a Cadillac owner for 4-years, and I was really excited about the STS V. I have had an STS, DTS, CTS V, and now my STS V. Where I was very excited about the performance of my CTS V I found that it lacked most of my creature comforts that I was used to. When I moved into my STS V I found a lot of my creture comforts I was used to, but lacked all the performance and handling that I was used to. Keep in mind that I am truly a "GM blue blooded buyer". However, this is a car that now lists for almost 90K. I feel that GM still cannot produce a performance luxury sedan without all the GD comfort features that they include. Just like the CTS V, have you ever recalled dumping the clutch and having all you teeth fallout with the rearend hop? My STS V is only at 38500 and already it has had the steering box replaced, rear end replaced, transmission replaced, not to mention that the front tires have to be replaced at about 7K due to inside tire wear, even know the frontend is in perfect alignment. Anyway, these are just my thoughts and I wondered if anyone else is just as sad.....:stirpot:

02-20-10, 07:38 AM
For the tire wear, the stock settings have a lot of negative camber to help with the handling and causes inside tire wear. You can have the front re-aligned with less negative camber but you will loose cornering performance. I did a lot of research before I bought my STS-V. I chose the STS-V over the new CTS-V because I was willing to give up performance for more comfort. Although the car is not a reliable as others that I have owned, the reliability is as expected from my research; the main reason I made sure the one I bought was a CPO with the extended warranty. I like driving my STS-V and put on 16k miles in 7 months with no commuting miles.


02-22-10, 10:42 PM
And your driving habits are . . . . ? We've got 25k on ours and have zero issues of note. WAY more reliable so far than our BMW 750 was. If you drive it like a race car, expect it to wear like a race car.

02-27-10, 09:32 AM
...I did a lot of research before I bought my STS-V. I chose the STS-V over the new CTS-V because I was willing to give up performance for more comfort...

One thing I will add, is i REALLY tried to get a new supercharged cts because i'm a huge fan of that motor, have had corvettes all my life, and am more interested in performance usually above all. BUT...when i sat in the cts, although nice, and this one had recaros, etc, it just is not imho designed with the type of comforts i'm used to. trust me, i was set to buy an '10 sts-v and they've ruined my plans to upgrade from the two 06's ive had. i have decided to hunt an 09, rather than switch to cts, since i can't afford an e63 amg...lol.:crying2: