: who would do this to a cadillac

02-19-10, 05:58 AM
See the attached link

02-19-10, 06:07 AM
I've seen a couple of Town Car cabs(cheap white spray paint), but never a Cadillac cab. I can't imagine that being economical, its not like a Crown Vic/Town Car where you have a million of them in the boneyard to pick parts off of.

02-19-10, 02:09 PM
I'd want that if I was a cab driver. There is a local taxi company by me that uses only Town Cars. They are all different colors since they don't bother painting them, but at least none are yellow. All they do is write "Alliance Taxi" on the side and stick a little light on the roof.

02-19-10, 09:48 PM
Eye-catching I must say!:suspense: