View Full Version : 2008 STS-V - any known problems?

02-18-10, 11:08 PM
I test drove a "new" 2008 STS-V today and was pretty impressed. It has 4k miles on it but has never been titled so it is still classified as new. I can use the 2k on my gm card which would be nice. The dealer wants 44k for it and I think they might move even more on it to get rid of it. Are there any known problems with the 2008 STS-V. They only hang up for me is the tranny. I didnt use the manual option but cant imagine that would be too much fun bump shifting?

I just saw the car on a local ad and went to test drive it for fun. Then liked the the car a bit too much.

02-19-10, 01:10 AM
I have owned my 08 for two weeks, which makes me a expert (lol) No I have had no problems with mine. Mine had 7128 miles on it when I got it. If I had to say anything about the car I didn't like is the vents on the front fenders.
They are non functional. Why are they there I have no idea. I plan to do something about them very soon. To each his own though. Just drive the car like you stole it. and have fun. Good luck

02-19-10, 07:56 AM
The car has a 50,000 mile warranty. Check to see if the warranty starts at zero miles or the 4k miles it has on it. We bought ours untitled with about 4k miles, but they didn't register the warranty to start with the mileage that was on it so it expired at 50k. I thought when we bought a "new" untitled car that the warranty started at whatever was on the odometer at the time of sale. Not a big deal, but we are now having problems at 52k and having to pay out of pocket for the repairs which in my opioion should be warranty.

02-19-10, 10:56 AM
Onky had mine 2 months,but did have 2 problems which were fixed udre warranty.Power steering was screaming real loud---replced.
The other was a little dangerous---the car would stall on making a right turn when the engine was cold.It wouldnt stop running,just no power to the wheels.Checked NHTA site and there were sevarl reports like mine.Dealer of course first said they couldnt duplicate it, but i told them Ive got 4 grandsons under 5 and if we get ina bad accident, the dealership would be liable.Well they checked Cadillac engineering and "fixed" the TC system by replacing the TC cable, and reflashing the computer,So far so good.
Also, no big deal, but mpg really sucks--i traded in a jag that got 14mpg, and this one gets 11.8mpg--I dont drive it more than 5k/year, butif it were a daily driver,Id have second thoughts