View Full Version : CARFAX (engine / car serial Numbers)

08-15-04, 09:57 PM
I am in the process of having a used northstar installed in my 96 sts, A member of this group recommended running a carfax report on the engine which I think is a good idea. But im not sure if the serial numbers carfax asks for are the same as the serial numbers on the block,. Do serial numbers on the block match the ones on the car it came in?
scott m

08-16-04, 10:39 AM
does anyone know if the serial number on the engine is a 17 digit number?

08-17-04, 09:16 AM
The engine s/n will be a 9 digit/letter combo.The last 8 will match the last 8 of the car's vin number. At least it did on mine.Hope this helps.