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02-18-10, 11:47 AM
Two months ago while getting my XLR serviced, I reported to Service Advisor that the top wrench was missing, He ordered that day. Two months later no
wrench, called Service Advisor but got no return call, talked to Service Manager who would check. The answer I got later was, Cadillac no longer produces wrench, that if a XLR comes in trade they would give me the wrench in that car, Even I know that is not going to happen. They were also looking for other sources for this wrench. Figured someone on this forum could help.:worship:
My top was repaired and I probably will not ever have to use this wrench but I seem to have bad lucks with my late Cadillacs. Thanks for any help. John
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02-18-10, 10:09 PM

All you need is a T-15 Torx screwdriver and an 8 mm allen wrench to compensate for the missing tool which should have been in your glove box. I keep a small bit set in the right/rear storage compartment which includes both sizes. Piece of mind: Priceless. Occasionally, they're available on eBay.

Chapman makes a nice, inexpensive set. I've used these for years and swear by them.



02-19-10, 05:51 AM
CC, Thanks again. John :D

Corvette Ed
03-14-10, 01:07 PM
I just bought one one E-bay for $9.99

05-26-10, 10:15 PM
I would like to have an original top wrench to keep my xlr original. If any one wants to sell me one i would appreciate it. Where did someone find one under what category on ebay. Thanks, bob