: P041 No Cam reference signal from ignition control module

02-15-10, 10:18 PM
I will start a new thread I hijacked another.. So here we go Had a low oil pressure problem, took out the oil pump cleaned it up and while I had harmonic balance off decided to recheck the timing. Recently did head gasket job and had reset timing. So any way doing the back cams, found it to be a tooth off,and if you ever did the back you know ya have to take out motor mounts to roll the motor forward a bit to get covers off... Any way reset cams at 90 deg put it all back together, fingers crossed that fixed low oil pressure, started car, runs like crap and get P041 code, removed the sensor and cleaned it all up put back connector, removed connector from coil packs and checked the resistance across the cam module and is 1.5K ohms.. continuity in the wires... Don't know what I should be seeing as far as ohms... Put sensor back in all cleaned up and started car and same problem... Would anything else I may have unplugged and forgot to plug back in give me this code? I cant see this thing going bad same time I was working on oil pump and timing... It has to be something I did If it was out of time would this be caused? Thanks for any Ideas you have....

02-16-10, 08:38 AM
Did you use these for setting timing marks ??

02-16-10, 09:43 AM
Yes I did, first time I timed it, I did not I used The #1 Piston and brought it up to what I thought was TDC But was not happy with how sloppy it seemed to be, But it ran great, till I had the low oil pressure problem after driving for a few hundred miles... So I had to take harmonic balance off anyway so I decided to look at the timing since I could see the bottom end marks. I lined them up and used a square on the top end cam pins to put them at 90 deg up. Found the back to be a tooth off so re adjusted it, put all back together and now no cam reference signal, and that was not happening before this, I had assumed I must have left something unplugged but I can not find anything, I have an online manual but does not show a trouble shooting section for wiring, so I have no idea what voltages or resistance in each plug I should be looking for... Help... I am going to re pull the back cover and see what I can see, but that won't happen till wed. get out of work early... Any insight any one has would be great... would being out of time cause this? maybe what I thought was a tooth off was not really, it is hard to see that back cam with a square, front is easy... It is spurting and sputtering, and does not smell good while running...

Mark C
02-16-10, 01:17 PM
Did the little pin fall out of the rear exhaust cam gear that the sensor looks for, or did the intake and exhaust gears get swapped?

02-16-10, 03:54 PM
Will be looking to see if pin did fall out or not, will have to open it up, and a pain in the butt that is but needs to be done, as far as swapping the gears, I only removed one at a time, moved it one link replaced and then did other.. But good idea about looking for the pin.... Thanks, any more???? Or I could probably put a mirror in the hole of the sensor after I remove the sensor and turn the motor by hand and see if I can see the pin...

02-16-10, 08:27 PM
I like the mirror idea...or even your finger...just not too far in if it's while you're cranking the engine. I can't remember now if this is possible...but... could you have installed the correct gear in the correct position, but backwards?

Don't really know if this is even the problem, though. I think the PCM relies on inputs from the 2 crank sensors and the 1 cam sensor to detect position, and can run just fine with only one of the three sensors functional.

02-16-10, 08:54 PM
did not turn the gear around backwards, I held the gear and moved the link one tooth,then placed it right back on the cam end.. but if those two sensors do control that, then that is a possibility, as I had to remove the motor mount to tilt the motor forward and If I am thinking correct those sensors are right there aren't they??? Tomorrow I plan to start on it again and will be begging for help I am sure thanks for the ideas, any more shoot em my way...

02-17-10, 06:40 PM
Yep - same general area