: Warranty coverage on struts?

02-13-10, 09:03 PM
Just installed some splashguards on my 07, with the tires off I noticed the right front strut is leaking like a siv, anyone know if this is covered by the 4 year bumper to bumper coverage, ive got just over 40k on it. Noticed the other side is also leaking, but not as bad. I know bumper to bumper sometimes doesnt cover everything and i wonder if they will tell me that the struts are not covered.

Will be booking it for service either way, but want to know if i have a leg to stand on when i want it covered under warranty.

02-14-10, 07:17 AM
Bump....nobody knows?, come on you warranty experts, share the knowledge...lol, appreciate any feedback.

02-15-10, 10:52 AM
i just checked the OM and it is not listed as those NOT covered. you have a chance in having it covered under warrantty.

02-15-10, 11:33 AM
yea bumper to bumper covers all failure of original part in original condition. If you have modified your vehicle you can suffer loss of warranty support. I had a leaky shock replaced under the factor warranty once. If you are still under the 4 year 50K miles you should have no problems with dealer replacement! wearing parts are not covered like brake pads, belts etc unless they failed.. your strut is failing and should be replaced under the bumper to bumper..

02-15-10, 08:50 PM
Struts/Shocks that are LEAKING are DEFINITELY covered -- If they start to squeak/squawk they are as well - ran into that issue on some of my other GM vehicles in the past.

02-15-10, 10:27 PM
Makes me feel better hearing these responses, will be booking it at the dealer tomorrow,
thanks for the replies

02-17-10, 05:36 AM
Well the good news is the dealer covered and replaced the struts under warranty...woohoo!, the bad, had to have it towed in this morning. Wife started hearing a rubbing noise like a caliper was sticking last friday, then this morning, she goes to take it to work and it sounds like the entire front axle let go. I look, no visible damage/leaking to cv boots, but wicked grinding sound. Have it towed in with roadside assistance, they set up a rental car for me ( 2010 avalanche) and call me at the end of the day. Turns out the drivers side hub bearing let go...no idea how, but sure went quickly. Crappy part is, have to wait for about ten days (estimate) on getting the part from the US, apparently we dont stock these in Canada??..scary. Was almost glad this happened now, rather than after the warranty runs out later this fall.
All said and done....KUDO's to Cadillac and their warranty program, treated me right, have a decent rental and they are getting the job done!

Big Windy Ext
02-18-10, 07:51 AM
I just had a hub go on one of my work vans , 150,000 miles . We usually have replaced a water pump and fuel pump by now !! I have never replaced a wheel bearing or hub before , the same people who make emblems and door handles must have taken over the hub dept. ! Glad your safe and taken care of:yup:

02-18-10, 08:45 AM
When i bought my 07 40k miles six months ago i had a horrible shacking like a wheel off balance and it turned out to be a bad wheel bearing

02-20-10, 04:07 AM

Got the Lade back yesterday, The dealer had the hub bearing couriered from God knows where and expidited the repair. Full warranty coverage on the new struts, hub, rental, tow, etc. Excellent service! and didnt cost me a dime, shy of tipping the tow truck driver who absolutely babied the Lade by putting it up on a lift and dolly setup.

Man do i like being a Cadillac Escalade owner, they do treat you right!

12-18-11, 05:36 AM
i have a 2010 lade and my strut?shock whatever the case is,is leaking and my ride is like haveing no suspension at all hopimg dealer will fix it, ty for the posts good info here.

12-18-11, 01:24 PM
Who did the work ? DW or EM ?

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-20-11, 01:35 PM
I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue with your Escalade. Keep us updated with how things go at the dealership.
Good luck,
Cadillac Customer Service

12-29-11, 09:37 PM
I just had my two front struts replaced plus controller arms. I am over the 4 year 50K warranty and had done at a non-dealer location. For some reason I thought it sounded familiar and looked at the maintenance history on my vehicle. I found the two front struts were replaced at 46K and 66K miles. I now replaced at 86K. Would this have been covered under warranty since I think having to replace front struts 3 times in 86K miles is totally unreasonable. Do I have any recourse with Cadillac since I already had it done?

Big Windy Ext
12-30-11, 07:18 AM
Repairs are covered by their own one year warranty. So if it was less than a year since they were replaced they should have been covered. Getting reimbursed is is unlikely, I call my advisor whenever I have an issue or question, sometimesgthings are covered by GM evev if your B to B warranty is up.