: Bluetooth Delay?

02-13-10, 05:32 PM
Hi guys,

I've got a question on the Bluetooth. Has anyone experienced delay when answering calls? I've had someone tell me that they're basically saying "Hello" 3 times before the other person hears them when answering calls.

No problems when making calls. The radio does cut off after they accept the call via the steering wheel, but there is a delay.

They have not tried using another phone, or using their phone with another bluetooth device.

If anyone can chime in and let me know their experience it's greatly appreciated.


07-13-12, 01:02 PM
Hi Jon,
I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace cellphone paired to my 2009 CTS-V. It takes a good two minutes (seems longer) for my CTS-V to recognize my cellphone and do the bluetooth hookup. Having previously had a Dodge Magnum with Chrysler's 'u-connect' technology that hooked up as soon as I got in the car, I find the Cadillac technology really lacking. Invariably you get that call between the time you start the car and the time it finally hooks up to allow the hands free to work. If I do answer and get caught maybe GM will pay the fine for me.