: Sensors going? -15c out.. i dont wana look...

02-11-10, 02:38 PM
:violin::violin:My 97 STS just might be done for :(

Check Coolant Level
Check Oil Level
Vehicle Speed Limited

they come and go as they please. I know this one burns oil a bit so its hard to say if the oil is actualy that low. Im scared to check the coolant. Ya i know, check it. Top it up and see if it goes down. I will, but its also admiting defeat. I dont drive far enough for it to stay at temp for long, its so cold out. It warms up and the heat works, and the needle does stop at its usual spot about 1mm past half. The message is always gone within minutes, usaly only1 minute.

Oh and a couple times i started the car at -15 celcius or even colder... the gas door popped open :) Ok so i have a habbit of driving around with 1/8th of a tank but come on, now its begging for fuel?

Here's to hoping it remains driveable till my 99 is done :violin:

02-11-10, 02:51 PM
The fuel door pops open because the low temperatures place a high cranking load on the starter, system voltage drops, and electrical gremlins develop. You're not the first.

The coolant should be at halfway up in the reservoir, cold - no more than that. If the sensor is dying, new reservoir - amazon.com, automotive.

Check oil level (sensor) - if it's halfway up the dipstick hashmark, cold, that's exactly where it should be. Oil level sensors do crap out - simple fix at your next normal oil/filter change. The amber nylon nut thingy with electrical connector in the side of the oil pan next to the oil filter adapter. www.rockauto.com

Vehicle speed limited......either a suspension component is setting a DTC or brake problems. Pull your codes and check the meaning of each.