: Slight rub with 24's and power steps, cure?

02-11-10, 08:53 AM
I am getting a slight rub when turned all the way left or right. It is rubbing in the edge of the power asst steps. Anyone have a good fix?:hmm: TIA!

02-12-10, 07:33 AM
Just move the power assist steps rearward about 1/2". Easy and quick to do by loosening the 4 allen or torq (can't remember which) screws in the steps where the arms are and then slide it back. Do NOT loosen arms where they attach to frame. Sometimes they are stuck so pounding with big hammer across 2X4 on end is needed to get them started moving. Check for clearance, retighten, and done. Commonly done for mud flap installations.

02-13-10, 07:27 AM