: RIP Capt. Phil

02-10-10, 03:41 PM
Don't know if anybody else here watches the show, but it will never be the same again.

Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie on the Discovery Channel show "Deadliest Catch," has died at age 53.

On the show's Web page, where updates on Harris' condition had been posted since his Jan. 30 stroke, sons Jake and Josh Harris gave notice of their father's passing:

"It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dad -- Captain Phil Harris. Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end. For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down. We will remember and celebrate that strength. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. -- Jake and Josh Harris"

Harris, who was based out of Seattle, suffered the stroke during an offload of crab. He was found unconscious in a stateroom, was airlifted to Anchorage for 12 hours of surgery, then placed in a medically induced coma. He'd shown signs of improvement last week, squeezing hands and even telling his doctors and nurses, in his signature gruff style, to not screw things up.

"Deadliest Catch" follows several crews working the Bering Sea during the area's crab fishing seasons. Harris, a fisherman for 32 years, was a co-owner of the Cornelia Marie, which he'd captained for 18 years; Jake and Josh work on the ship as deck hands, and Josh had remained on the ship immediately after his dad's stroke, awaiting the arrival of relief captain to continue the work.

Fans reached out Tuesday night on the show's message boards -- where comments have been posted since Phil Harris fell ill -- offering condolences to the family.

Discovery Channel in its statement referred to Harris as "more than someone on our television screen. Phil was a devoted father and loyal friend to all who knew him. We will miss his straightforward honesty, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart."


02-10-10, 03:52 PM
Oh crap, you could see it coming. I love that show. My father loves that show...

02-10-10, 03:56 PM
^ Yeah, you could certainly tell he was not well. RIP

02-10-10, 05:30 PM
those boys needed him around for a while longer, hopefully they can continue to mature without him

02-10-10, 05:55 PM
That's really sad. :( I liked Phil.

02-10-10, 06:26 PM
I heard about this yesterday, RIP :(

02-10-10, 07:13 PM
That sucks, he was my favorite captain. Although this really doesn't suprise me though. Condolences to his family and friends.

02-11-10, 02:00 AM
Although this really doesn't suprise me though.

Me either. After that blood clot thing he got last year you knew it was gonna happen, its just the way things work. I liked Capt. Phil a lot, my favorite person on the show right up there with the Hansens. Considering Phil's lifestyle it was no surprise, but it still hurts (a surprising amount) to see him go.

02-11-10, 02:06 AM
I remember hearing about how he once drank something like 43 Red Bulls over the span of four days.

02-11-10, 02:22 AM
Yeah. He also smoked like a damn chimney.

the recluse
02-11-10, 05:21 PM
When you have ZERO physical activity, stress and anxiety over money and crab, smoke like a fiend, and don't sleep for up to 36 hours straight, makes wonder how he lasted this long...

02-15-10, 06:08 AM
That show even airs in europe! That is some great reality on crab fishing!
Here's goodbye to a great guy!! RIP

02-15-10, 07:24 PM
I am looking forward to seeing how the DC handles Phils passing.This is my favorite show also,my gut feeling is those kids will be fine and will be just like their dad.

02-15-10, 07:40 PM
I am looking forward to seeing how the DC handles Phils passing.This is my favorite show also,my gut feeling is those kids will be fine and will be just like their dad.
Their production crew is phenomenal. You know no matter how they go about addressing it, it will be memorable...

02-15-10, 11:37 PM
^ Very true.