: anbody buy that modded D3 car?

02-10-10, 12:05 PM
Saw a while ago someone was looking to buy it but did they? If they did what do they think of it? Power? Ride?

02-11-10, 03:35 PM
screen name BPatterson was the one looking at it. It was at Green Chevrolet.

It's not listed on their site anymore so either they sold it, auctioned it, or moved it to another location.

02-14-10, 10:07 PM
No.....I didn't buy it. It was very questionable. I stayed in contact with them for a couple of weeks, asking several questions, making them well aware that I knew not only about the STS-V's, but about that car in particular, as I had contacted D3 about it, and gotten the low down on the mods. They wouldn't certify it due to mods, and wouldn't honor the rest of the factory warranty either due to the mods. I decided to pass on it.

02-27-10, 11:26 PM
Hi BPatterson, how's it going. Well, I believe I found that D3 car. So, would you be willing to tell me all you learned about the car and it's history when you were interested in it? As well, as how much wheeling and dealing you did with the dealer on the price and all. You can email me, or PM me. I'll even give you my number if it's easier.

I tried PMing you, but I guess I don't have enough posts, or something to allow it to go through.

email: Abergian@aol.com

03-01-10, 07:26 PM
Hi Abe. The car has pretty much everything to make it a Stg. 2.5 car, as well as wheels, brakes, taillights, and fenders. Since it's a Stg. 2.5 car, it also has a Meth kit to help keep the IAT's down. Unfortunately, the Meth wasn't always used on this car, so therefore the outlook on the motor is questionable. Also, it has a 93+ octane only tune, and it isn't clear if 93 was always ran in it. I was able to get them down to $30K.

03-01-10, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the reply, and info. Unfortunetly, it appears the dealer has sold the car (not sure when), even though it's still being advertised. It's still listed by Green Buick GMC, I think, in the same area.

Anyway. Not much I can do now, except keep looking. I liked the car, though. It had good mods, and the right price. It's disapointing, because these cars are just too rare to find another modded one so easily. And, for a good price. But, you're also right in the fact that it's a gamble buying a car modded by someone else, that's been in others hands before getting to you. The car could have been a time bomb waiting to let go..

Thanks again for your help, though.

03-01-10, 09:01 PM
No problem. That's kind of how I looked at it also. I was going to be getting a heavily modded car for the same price of a stock one. But it was too huge a gamble for me in the end, as a rebuild on a Northstar isn't nearly as cheap as an LSx motor. lol