: Cadillac BLS Headlight, used or salvage

02-09-10, 06:59 AM
Hello all,

recently i had a car crash and i messed up the front of my car. I ordered already the Left Headlight, front bumper and front left wing, which cost me like 2300 EUROS.

But on a closer look i saw i need to change the right headlamp too, and now i wouldnt want to buy a new one because it costs 1000 EUROS, and i was wondering to look for an used one or something from salvage, but the cadillac bls is so rare car ... i couldnt find anything.

I found one on ebay but was the left one which i already ordered from the parts dealer.

If you know some place where i can find the right headlamp let me know

02-09-10, 12:37 PM
I've seen a few BLS on UK Breakers websites for it might be worth checking them out before buying a new one.

1000 euro's for a headlight gee, there's a way to right the car off witht he insurance compnay !!!

02-09-10, 12:41 PM
Thats why i wanted to get a used one because a new one is too much... can you tell me where to look for those cars? let me know