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cowboy cad
08-14-04, 09:27 AM
I recently went to my local Napa store and they had a throttle body cleaning kit by 3M they were real proud of and were pushing. They sold one to a local mechanic who I trust his opinion and I asked him and he was high on this product so I bought the kit because the install kit was half price and you can reuse it over and over and on different vehicles. To try and make this story short it works. I pulled the boot from the air cleaner and had to stick a small tube into the front of th throttle body and found there is a screen of sorts there and could not get the hose by it so I drilled a tiny hole size of the tube and inserted it. It comes with a can of pressurized cleaner and a tube that you hang upside down with a hook under your hood and you open a valve while the car is running and it melts all the crap in you plentum. Step two you clean out everything inside the throttlebody with a rag and throttle body cleaner. Step 3 add techron 80% to the gas tank and thats how it works, what I found out was that my car ran so much smoother that I had to turn the idle down. and instead of getting 16 mpg average around town I now get 19 or better. I just thought I would tell you how it worked for me I am not endorsing this product and I do not sell it. In these days of high fuel prices I just wanted to let you all know.

08-14-04, 10:06 AM
What kind of car do you have?

I just did something like that. My father in law brought some stuff over. We connected into a vac hose on top the throttle body. Sucked it in with car on. It did work great. The TB was shining inside after the cleaning.

08-14-04, 07:00 PM
I just did mine yesterday. My "kit" is a spray can of Gumout and a rag. I am not sure how good that Kit will clean the backside of the throttle plate or the perimiter wall. The "screen" you saw was an air flow straightener for the MAF sensor. It probably is not the best idea to punch holes in it. May not be a good idea to spray cleaner on the MAF sensor either but I am not sure about that. The air flow straightener is easily removed with three small hex headed screws. It comes off with the MAF sensor in one unit. Then you can get at the throttle plate and throttle body walls quite easily.
The throttle body will always look clean up stream of the throttle plate. What you want/need to clean is down stream of the throttle plate, particularly where the throttle plate meets the throttle body wall. If you cleaned it by just spraying solvent through the MAF sensor, try removing it and then open the plate wide open so you can get a good look in there (engine off of coarse). Then you will be able to tell exactly whether or not this kit works and how good of a job it does or does not due.

cowboy cad
08-14-04, 10:55 PM
It sucks the can dry that I hung from the hood and took about 8-10 minutes while the car was running then after that I cleaned and stuffed a rag back in as far as possible with a tooth brush and a blue paper grease rag. It made a heck of a difference like i said I had to turn the idle down. the plate pivots much freeer and it cleaned clear back inside the throttle body cleaner I sprayed afterward never got any chunks just black crap and I did that til the black was gone on my rag. I did realize a 2-3 mpg difference. and it runs smoother at idle. I had to run the rpms at about 1200 according to the instructions and after it ran for a while you could hear the rpms picking up. Bottom line it runs better now and gives better fuel economy and I think it was good for it.

cowboy cad
08-15-04, 12:25 AM
Hello: Eldefig

You asked what kind of car I have My wife drives a 96 seville sts and I drive a (Cowboy Caddillac) Ford f-350 Crew Cab. lol as far as the other post about spraying with engine degreaser that was 1 of 3 steps I preformed the third being Techroline 80% which is a pretty high percent out of a can.

08-15-04, 10:20 AM
(Cowboy Caddillac) Ford f-350 Crew Cab.

:cowboy: Hence the nickname. I like that.

08-28-04, 07:53 PM
Just for future knowledge it sounds like you disconnected the intake tube at the front of the Mass Airflow Sensor which is where you cut the hole in the screen. Your actually supposed to remove the intake tube from the front of the throttle body where you will be able to see the throttle blade and the entire throttle body as well as the inside of the intake plenum once you open the blade up. You NEVER want to spray any type of cleaner or solvent through the Mass Airflow Sensor, as it is very delicate and will be either adversely affected or ruined. Also the cleaner would do a better job if it was sprayed directly at the throttle body. That and there is really no need to clean the intake tube or MAF since any affectable carbon buildup is limited to the TB and Intake Manifold/Plenum.