: *Part 2* Pioneer unveils NEW products at 2010 CES [Video Coverage]

02-08-10, 12:59 PM
http://postrelease.com/image/view/3702.jpgPioneer has announced the launch of some new and unique products at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas.

Staging Concept and Fit Guide
Pioneer released the "Staging Concept" which ranges from 1 to 4. The demo video shot at the Pioneer CES booth below explains stages 1-3 as well as demonstrates the interactive Pioneer Fit Guide. (http://postrelease.com/ServePRCLick.aspx?id=59900) The Pioneer Fit Guide is an advanced vehicle fit guide that not only tells you what head unit and speakers fit your vehicle but it goes a few step further by showing you Stage packages and installed photos from real Pioneer dealers.

Click here (http://postrelease.com/ServePRCLick.aspx?id=59901) to check out the Pioneer Fit Guide.

Click image below to watch the video:

http://www.postrelease.com/content/advertisers/images/44_1eb4d0c5dd2f4aa2a06334c86312db30.jpg (http://postrelease.com/ServePRCLick.aspx?id=59902)

Stage 4 Installed in Lexus IS-F Demo Car
Pioneer released their brand new Stage 4 line. The Stage 4 line was designed as a complete in-car listening system. Stage 4 is for the audiophile and will have a very limited availability in a select number of authorized Pioneer Dealers. See the Stage 4 product line in the Lexus IS-F demo video below.

Click here (http://postrelease.com/ServePRCLick.aspx?id=59903) to check out the entire Stage 4 product line.

Click image below to watch the video:

http://www.postrelease.com/content/advertisers/images/44_08415ce73c3a41fc84a25d30fd340324.jpg (http://postrelease.com/ServePRCLick.aspx?id=59904)

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