View Full Version : 08 Esco... Supercharger?

02-08-10, 12:04 PM
Sup all,

I have an 08 esco lease up in april and im planning on buying the truck. Now Ive been thinking about a supercharger upgrade, magna to be exact.

My questions are,

1) Will the truck survive the installation of a supercharger after all that power?

2) What upgrades should be done to ensure 100% performance?

3) A big break kit definitely needed right? Im looking into Baer...

At the moment I have a custom tune, corsa exhaust, volant intake and love the truck speed and all but I want some more without sending me to the shop over and over for problems.

thanks all...

02-10-10, 03:29 PM
I had an S/C on my 2005 H2. I know the 6.0 doesn't compare to the 6.2, so comparing them supercharged would be stupid as well. But here's what I learned:
The brakes you have now should be fine, unless you are running 26's or something like that. You SC kit should come with everything you need. Larger fuel injectors, a higher capacity fuel pump, a cold air intake kit, an intercooler, and of coarse the blower. Anything else you do is up to you, I drove one that had a sc and headers, it sounded meaner, but I didn't notice any difference. In the end you will be pushing 500 hp in a big truck with awd.. something to consider- it will never be a race car.

It should "survive" depending on how you drive it. I blew my motor after about 1 year. I always floored it. oh, to be young again....