: Nav Disc Europe

02-05-10, 05:48 PM
Hi to all,
I try to run the newest Europe Navigation Disc (p/n 25962214) in my 2009 ESV in Europe. Doesn't work, the screen says: "The disc installed is not a map dvd". The GM NavDisc Customer Service 877-NAV DISC told me, it should work. But after asking about 5 more representatives and holding the line for at least 15 more minutes, they told me, this disc works only in Escalades manufactured in Europe (!!!). This is ridiculous, no Escalade is manufactured in Europe. All of them are imported from the US. And why does GM sell these Europe DVDs in the US? GM-Europe changes the nav-system to a kenwood or pioneer system over here. Does that make sense?
I do not have any idea, how to get the nav system working in Europe. Is there a difference between the p/n 25962214 (I'd ordered) and the p/n 25962214U (I'd got from GM)? Does this "U" mean, I bought only an update dvd? Do I need any other disc to get the system run?
Thanks a lot for your help! Steve (Munich)