: MR suspension installation 2007

02-05-10, 03:19 AM
I am looking to backfit/install a MR suspension in an 2007 Escalade EXT. I know this may be considered a non viable change but circumstances have made it desireable for me. So far I have obtained the rear shocks 25871432, and BCM 25790509. I think I still have to obtain the Stabiltrack suspension module 25971218 and front shocks 25940740. If I obtain these parts and can find a dealer to perform the necessary programing to the MR algorithems, does anyone know what else may be required? And any source for used but not abused front shocks and module? I am working from a 2009 ESV with MR VIN to search for proper parts. Anybody knowledgable or even willing to look at the part numbers on there shocks would be appreciated because it seems almost impossible to track down part numbers for this system.

Big Windy Ext
02-05-10, 05:12 AM
Wow good luck on this one , costly and dealer help will be zip , "You'lle never do it , were all doomed " , hope someone can help in your quest .

02-06-10, 12:09 AM
If someone with the MR system would just give me the data off their front shocks it would really help. Must be AWD and preferrably an EXT. If they would give the rears as well it would confirm if I have the correct rears. Putting in a 9.5 14 bolt rear at the same time as well as new lower A arms and GF spindles so will have it all apart anyway. I know it is a dirty job to lay on the ground and write down the numbers but I promise to share my findings and sucess/failure with the forum.