: HID fog lights with or without extra harness

02-04-10, 11:00 AM
Hello to Everyone:

This is my first post here on CadillacOwners.com and I was wondering I am
planning on installing HID's in my fog lights for my 08 EXT but I have a couple of questions first.

I have already installed the Platinum LED headlights in my vehicle and they look wonderful.

1. Is there any specific brand of HID that does not require the extra battery harness to be used when installing them?

2. Is there a specific wattage of bulb or brand that would alleviate the problem of having the fog light housing melt?

3. Also for anyone who has the PLtinum LED headlights is there a DRL mode that these lights function in as I am not sure?

I have tried using the search feature on the forum but inded there is no clear and concise answer to my questions. I thank all in advance who answer these questions.

02-04-10, 05:00 PM
Pics please! There aren't too many people who have done the platty headlights.

The fogs should be a simple plug and play, you plug in the harness to the old bulb plug, and put the new bulb in place where the old bulb was. It will make your existing harness longer, but it is boy a seperate harness all the way back to the battery.

The old HID kits required cutting and splicing. The new ones are plug and play and extend the oem harness. That makes them easy to remove as well.

Pictures of the Platty headlights, please!