: Synthetic Oil

02-03-10, 10:08 PM
I run synthetic 5w30 penzoil in both my Escalades - 08 has 90,000kms and 06 has 102,000 kms. I just changed my oil today in the 08 and was wondering.

Because it is synthetic oil should I just follow the computers instructions on both when oil life reaches 0% or should I reset it and still go longer. How many miles/KM does it take to go from 100% to 0%?

Just wondering.


02-04-10, 09:23 AM
The oil life is a function of your driving conditions (including mileage). Some say that 5,000 miles (sorry I don't have conversion to Km) is a decent number to go by. My wife's Mercedes uses Mobil 1 from the factory and their oil change intervals are 15,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. I've used M1 for years and years in all of my "stuff". I used to have a pickup that I used for hauling/trailering on a regular basis and changed every 5,000 miles or less depending on severity of weather and other conditions.

I have a feeling that if you wait for the oil life indicator to get to 0% from 100% you'll be putting on some pretty serious mileage. I use that as a guide, but since oil is relatively cheap anyway--I change it whenever I feel it's necessary.

Hope this opinion helps in some small way!

02-04-10, 03:24 PM
WOW - 15,000 miles to an oil change - never heard of that before! I would do like 6-8 oil changes in that time.

Thanks for the input.

02-04-10, 10:57 PM
You can buy AMSOIL synthetic that says it lasts for 35,000 miles with their filter.

02-05-10, 10:59 AM

In Europe, Opel cars have an oil change interval of 18'750 miles or every year.
Is an normal interval here. Perhaps because oil is much more expensive in the old world. ;)

Greetings from Switzerland


02-05-10, 02:04 PM
the new mobil 1 EP(extended performance) is made for every 15k mile interval. I use it for my honda pilot and change the oil every 14k miles. I am also using the mobil 1 EP 5w/30 in my new hybrid and at 7k miles it says 30% of oil use left. I'm sure it can go the distance, but under warranty, I am keeping what my MM says. BTW, porsche engines, the interval is every 20k miles because they have a dry sump lubrication.

02-05-10, 02:49 PM
Unfortunately the service guys at dealers are out there to rip you off and they will tell you that you have to change your oil ever 3,000 miles. It's a scam.

02-05-10, 02:59 PM
Yup, a HUGE SCAM most peeps out there always fall for: idiots! It's sad to see so many victims of the Oil Change Industry Brainwash. I used full synthetic for all my vehicles and change oil once a year. Been doing that for years and never had a problem, however check the oil level every now and then.