: 20 inch rims do i need a spacer

02-03-10, 03:04 PM
I was wondering i have been to a shop that has doen a regulare balance on the wheels 2 times and it will not take out the shimmy they say that the balane zeros out each time so im betting that maybe its the balance and i need to get a hunter RFB balance wich im gona go for tomorrow
but also will they tell me that i need a spacer ? someone told me that sometimes on aftermarket rims you need a spacer do are cars require them
also fi the tire is good and the wheel is not bent and the the shop tells me the shake is normal shimmy that is BS right ?
does anyone els have trouble after putting 20s or anyting aftermarket on there seville 1998 to 2002 ?

Qball Customs
02-21-10, 01:29 AM
I had the same issues until I went to a high end wheel shop and they sold me some hub spacers, all the shake and shimy disappeared.

02-21-10, 01:42 AM
in your case it sounds like you bought the wrong offset rim and the spacer made it the correct offset.