: XLR-V Aftermarket Audio

02-02-10, 02:23 PM
Has anyone replaced the factory system with after market items, more specifically added subwoofers or changed the deck/nav? Does the C-6 Corvette JL sub boxes fit the XLR?

02-06-10, 08:56 PM
Due to the low production volume of this car, there aren't many aftermarket accessories available. Due to the complexity of the stereo's various interfaces to the Class 2 bus, there have been numerous horror stories of mods gone bad. One common issue is the loss of operability through the interface to the steering wheel-mounted controls. Retained Accessory Power routing is another. The HUD display is also connected. This is not a good car to make any changes to anything connected to the Class 2 bus unless someone really knows what they're doing. One of the first questions asked when troubleshooting electrical problems using the Shop Manual is, "Are any aftermarket accessories installed?"