: 1998 Catera Transmission problem

02-01-10, 07:56 PM
I have a 1998 Catera. After driving for about 10 miles the transmission warning light on the dash will come on and all the lights on the shift counsel next to the PRNDL letters will also light up. Occasionally the check engine light will light up, but not every time. When this happens the car will start in 3rd gear(from a stop), but once it gets above 20 mph it will drive normally. If you turn the key off and restart the car, the lights are all off and the transmission shifts normally. The lights will come on again at some point, but after it has done it once you just don't know when it will do it again. Seems to happen after the car warms up. I read the codes and there are 2. 1 is P0713 - Trans temp sensor circuit signal high and 2- P0705 Trans range sensor circuit (PRNDL circuit). I had the car at a transmission shop and they replaced the neutral safety switch. Seemed fine for a couple months (don't drive this car much) but then started acting up again. Could not get any satisfaction from the transmission guy. He is passing the problem off now on the transmission computer. Don't want to throw a whole lot more money into this car, there are other issues, but I think I should start here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank-you.

02-01-10, 08:38 PM
Good luck. I had my tranny rebuilt the first time from a retard who started blaming my codes on the computer. Shipped it off and had it reworked and he said not to worry about the codes, the tranny was fine. One year later, had it rebuilt by another shop and haven't had a problem since. Shop around and find someone who has worked on Cateras before.

02-01-10, 09:21 PM
Thanks, Not really interested in spending the money on this car. It has other electrical issues that I have seen on this forum. Anyone exlain why I have to rev the engine to 3000 rpm's every morning to get the alternator to kick in and start charging the battery? When it is cold the voltage output is battery voltage until you rev it. Even put a new alt. on the car and it was fine for 2 days and then started again. Anybody want to buy a Catera ? Near Chicago.

02-01-10, 10:19 PM
I have the repair manuals for the 97-99 cars, if you want them let me know... I think I spent around 70$ on them a year or more ago, but you can have them for 50...

Those describe a lot of the issues that you are having, and they may help you troubleshoot future act ups...